27 thoughts on “Monday 27 September

  1. 14:37 Rx’d. The morning crew numbers are getting smaller and smaller. Where’s everybody at?

  2. I’ve been taking the last two weeks off to let my back and shoulder heal. I feel nice and rested now, so I will see you guys in the box this evening!

    1. Josh, you were missed–glad to have you back. If this one is your first WOD back in a couple weeks, do be sure and scale it a little. I too hate scaling if I’m capable of more, but if you rested to let your back and shoulder heal then 150 reps of deadlift and pushups might not be the best thing for them right off them bat, even at a light load.

      I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

  3. Ok, I think I’m finally back. Jonathan, hopefully I will see you in the morning!

    I should have read Jeff’s post prior to going today, so thank you Christina for keeping me in check. I took two weeks off for a back injury, went on a cruise for a week, came back for ONE day, and then got sick for another week. Today was only the second time in September to be at Crossfit. Needless to say, I’m a little behind.

    12:50 @ 95#. 8 rounds of 10 reps each.

    1. Erin, you’re alive!?!? (For that matter, I haven’t seen Eric in a long time either.) Unfortunately, I won’t be there tomorrow. But I will be on wed. Glad to have you back.

  4. Ahhhh to be back felt so nice. A lot of new faces. I will never get the names down. Daniel I need nicknames for these guys/gals ASAP.

    Did silver as to not re-injure and take another 4 months off.

    8 rnds
    8 DL (115)
    8 pushups
    Time: 4:12

    gonna take it easy for a month and see if I can work back up to full speed ahead soon. Great job to everyone who went Rx’d on this and to everyone who pushed through their pain. This one is not easy at all.

    And David I will take back up my spot as the “No” Guy soon. My bad on slacking tonight.

  5. I had to work late tonight so made up my own WOD when I got home!
    4 rounds:
    jump rope for 2 minutes without stopping (singles)
    30 sit ups
    15 push-ups
    The jump roping was deceiving!

  6. 17:38 rx’d. lost time on this one by dropping the bar in between reps after round 4-ish, but was trying to limit the lower back fatigue and save form. enjoyed teaming w/ fulty.

  7. 16:08 (with 25 situps subbed for the pushups)

    Had fun with the 6:30 class! Thanks for everyone’s patience. I apologize for running the class time over slightly. Tristan, welcome back after your extended rest period. Kudos to Hudson for killing this one!

  8. 16:44 Rx’d

    Really enjoyed this WOD! Thanks for giving me a time to shoot for Christina…I’ll get you next time!! 😉

  9. I did 10 rounds of 85# deadlift 15 reps. and I subbed 20 situps for the pushups. My time was 15 something…Thanks to Mike for being my partner and also great job Brit and Megan thanks for the encouragement!

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