Friday 22 October

No 4 PM Class Today!

Rx’d by Christina

5 Rounds for Time:

20 reps of virtual shoveling (m: 90 lbs, f: 60 lbs)

400m run

20 double unders

Male virtual shoveling obstacle is a medicine ball on top of a 45 lb bumper plate. Prescribed load for men is a 45 lb bar with a 45 lb bumper plate on one end. Female virtual shoveling obstacle is a medicine ball on top of a 25 lb bumper plate.  Prescribed load for women is a 35 lb bar with a 25 lb bumper plate on one end. One virtual shoveling rep consists of moving the bumper on the end of the barbell from the starting position to the other side of the obstacle and then back to the starting position.

Virtual shoveling demo from Tristan Whitson, Jason Pohly, and Scott Bean

Fish oil use during pregnancy didn’t make babies smart– New York Times

Humans may have been eating grains earlier than we first thought– New York Times

5 thoughts on “Friday 22 October

  1. Lunch class was a blast today! Luke really improved his DUs in a single WOD and Davy and Michelle really set a fast pace on the virtual shoveling.

  2. I think my wife is gonna have words for you Christina, as I can already tell my lower back will be so sore this weekend that I will not be able to do any yard work.

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