Announcing Open Gym at CFI

CrossFit Impulse entrance

Beginning Friday, November 12th, 2010, CrossFit Impulse will be offering “open gym” to its athletes every Friday from 12:30 PM until 3:30 PM.  You may be asking yourself, “What is open gym?”  Open gym means athletes are allowed to use CrossFit Impulse’s facility at their own discretion during this time.  Perhaps you are almost nailing that muscle-up, but not quite there.  There’s a workout you missed and you would really like to make it up so you can see how your time compares to your CrossFit buddy. Maybe you would like to increase your next CrossFit Total by doing some extra strength work.  The beauty of open gym is that you will have the freedom to work on whatever you desire.  Freedom also means that you are completely on your own.   A CrossFit Impulse trainer will be present for open gym.  However, the trainer will be not be conducting a class at any point during open gym hours and the trainer’s coaching will be limited, if the trainer is available at all. Open gym is only available to actively training CrossFit Impulse athletes, and it’s free as part of your membership. We hope you’ll take advantage of it, enjoy it, and give us feedback so we can improve it further.

2 thoughts on “Announcing Open Gym at CFI

  1. We had a great response for our first day of open gym. Hope you guys continue to find this beneficial. Give us any feedback, good or bad.

  2. Would have missed today’s workout if not for open gym time! Good to see some friends there too!

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