7 thoughts on “Tuesday 26 October

  1. Took things a little light today to see how my back would react. Ran out of time and cut the WOD short to get to UAH and find my class was cancelled.


    All the box squats during skill work felt really good. Enjoyed working with Alex.

  2. Good work on back squat at 5:15. We had several PRs in back squat during the class. I remember Justin and Brandon got new PRs. Congrats! Kudos to Katie for her PR in bench press tonight!

  3. Having issues with my left knee, so I am going to try to give it rest. Tonight I did bench press instead of the back squat with the same rep scheme of 5-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1 my weights were 45-55-55-55-60-65-75-85-90(X) I almost got 90 but, I just got stuck on the way back up for a long time and it took everything out of me. Great job ladies at the 6:30 class Brittany and Lisa owned their back squats!

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