16 thoughts on “Thursday 28 October

  1. 22:12, beat my time this summer by 37 seconds.

    I chased down Hudson on the last leg to finish a few seconds before him. I was all pumped up that I beat him, but that all came crashing down when he told me that he started on a 20 second delay. My six second victory quickly became a 14 second defeat. Haha.

    Thanks for the push this morning, Hudson.

  2. 26:44, Temperature was perfect for running this morning. Managed to complete this run without hitting any potholes which was nice and surprising considering the limited light.

  3. 33:14 PR 5:34 from 7-28-10

    Never ever underestimate what your support can do for another person! Thanks to the lunch crew for your never ending support…

  4. Great job to Lonny and Craig R. tonight. Lonny PR’d by over 30 seconds, on a tougher course, over his PR that he set at the Liz Hurley run just a couple weeks ago. Craig finished his first 5k ever, which is always a huge accomplishment.

    Katie keeps edging ever closer to a full ring dip. She’s almost there.

  5. Well my first ever attempted 5K finished at 32:31 …gonna try it again soon but power through the hill instead of keepin the same pace.

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