Tuesday 2 November

Mandy performing scaled dips


Five rounds, each for time of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats

Rest precisely three minutes between each round.

Austin Malleolo 25:51.
Jason Khalipa: 2:53, 3:05, 3:23, 3:46, 3:54 = 29:01.
Kevin Montoya 31:29.
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15 thoughts on “Tuesday 2 November

  1. Silver – 17:22 (blue band pull-ups)

    This one really did a number on me. Thanks Christina for the extra push there at the end.
    Awesome job morning class.

  2. I did Barbra scaled:

    3 rounds (3 min breaks between), each for time of:
    10 Ring Rows (modified)
    20 Push-ups
    30 Sit-ups
    40 Squats

    Round 1: 2:52
    Break 1: 5:52
    Round 2: 8:57
    Break 2: 11:57
    Round 3: 16:55

    Final score: 10:55

    This felt good, I definitely was feeling it after the workout. I had a headache for like 20 minutes.

  3. 18:10 Rx. Jeff told me a few times to go lower on my pushups. I guess I have a habit of coming up too soon.

    Kudos to Zan and Nathan for making top spot on the leaderboard.

  4. 17:22 – Silver with green band and GHD push-ups. Barbara kicked my butt… 🙂

  5. 4:00 class rocked. Was great to see Hudson set a new PR and everyone improve their movements so much. All of you are really improving your squats, pushups, and pullups. Leah, you can say goodbye to the gray band. From what I saw today from you on the green band you no longer have any business with it. 🙂

  6. I did Gold and substituted squats with shoulder press. Total time 35:17 – 12 minutes rest = 23:17.

    Gold: 5 rounds of:

    15 Pullups
    25 Pushups
    35 Situps
    7 shoulder press with 20# in each hand.

    Great job everyone.

  7. There has only been one workout in the past in which Lisa had to drive home. I’m pretty sure now it was the first time I did Barbara, because I couldn’t drive home today. Pukie was lurking, but never showed up. Brutal.

    23:50 rx’d, 10 sec PR. Splits were something like this: 4:03, 4:18, 5:06, 5:19, 5:04

  8. Tried to go RX and made it through 8 pullups on my last round. Great job Christina, Brittany, and Brown Town! Barbara is not my friend, but I gave it my all. Great 6:30 class!

  9. 20:41 Rx’d

    Push-ups and sit-ups became the limiting factor at rounds 3-5. It was great working out with the 5:15 and having some many people pushing me. Daniel got a lead on me out of the gate. Thanks for the push man!

    1. You certainly didn’t let my early lead last long. Those situps destroyed me yet again. Not sure why I have such trouble with these, but they kill me every time. Just something to add to the list of items to work on! Fun working out with you, bro.

  10. Awesome 6:15 class tonight! Everyone really pushed it on Barbara. I made an observation during the first set of pull-ups. We had a full pull-up station and only one person was during assisted pull-ups. They were also the newest member. That is a great accomplishment for all of you that couldn’t do a pull-up when you started several weeks or a few months ago. Another great night at CFI!

    1. And I probably should have been doing them with the blue band instead of the green. I’m going to start using the blue all the time, even if it means I don’t get as many reps in; that way the green band isn’t even a temptation.

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