8 thoughts on “Friday 12 November

  1. I dropped in at CrossFit Shoals this morning for “Nancy”.

    15:31 Rx’d

    This was my first Nancy. I rested too much on the run as usual. I need to learn to push harder when running. Kudos to Brooks for the push this morning! Great work, man. Thanks to Brad (CF Shoals trainer) for all the tips on OHS form.

  2. 34:32 rx’d
    Thanks Hudson for pushing me on this one, and for letting me go rx’d. I would have quit on round 4 without your encouragement.

  3. 13:28 Rx’d

    As David said, 400m run times seem to be the limiting factor here. Need to work on getting those faster. Surprised myself by keeping all OHS unbroken. Brittany really smashed this one, coming in right behind me at 15:xx. Nice job!

  4. 15:30 Rx’d

    Awesome 5:15 class! Everyone was pushing and motivating each other through this one. I love it!! I was able to keep OHS unbroken for every round except the 4th. Thanks Jeff for the encouragement at the end!

  5. Congrats to everyone who took on “Nancy” today! Had a great show out during open gym — congrats to Scott Bean for getting his first muscle-up!

    I did Nancy today with 41lbs — time was 16:51

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