Wednesday 1 December

Katie climbing the rope

Affiliate Team Qualification WOD, Week 1

For time:

10 Squat Cleans (m: 135lb, f: 85 lb)

20 Pushups

30 Deadlifts, (m: 135 lb, f: 85lb)

40 Double Unders

50 Kettlebell Swings, (m: 1 1/2 pood, f: 1 pood)

60 Situps

70 Squats

Hudson Slater 8:10, Jordan Pepe 11:55, Alex Vlasse 11:30, Leah Slater 14:14

Report times as comments in the original “Affiliate Team Qual Week 1” post no later than Sunday at 7PM with the name of the trainer present during the WOD. You may repost your comment here if you like, but comments to the original post are the only accepted reporting method.

8 thoughts on “Wednesday 1 December

  1. This looks familiar. Is it a chance to better our time or are we stuck with what we got?

  2. I think you guys may be overthinking this a little. This is the WOD. If you come to class to do the WOD, then this is the WOD. Just like any other class, if you have a good reason to not do the WOD (injury, fatigue, you’ve already done it once this week, etc) then we will find a substitute WOD, or you can work on strength.

    Sarah, to answer your question, you only get one shot. So you can repeat the WOD (although I don’t recommend that) but your original score will count towards the team qualification.

    The intent here is to give as many people as possible a chance to do the WOD by having a dedicated day for it. You’ll see this in future weeks, as there’s always at least one rest day in a 1-week cycle.

  3. 4 rounds of:
    25 situps
    25 pushups

    Finished in 6:47.

    Situps are a weakness, so decided to work on those tonight. Was still pretty toasted from affiliate WOD. Felt good to work out some soreness.

  4. Did 4 rounds of:
    10 24″ box jumps
    10 pull ups
    10 handstand pushups on GHD
    10 dips

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