Sunday 5 December

Ben overhead squat PR

Partner WOD

Rx’d by Hudson

2 Rounds:

  • 5 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of Push Press (male: 85 lb, female: 55 lb) and Air Squats
  • 1 min Rest
  • 5 min AMRAP of Pullups and Situps
  • 1 min Rest

-Partners will trade between the two movements as desired during each 5 minute AMRAP
-During Push Press the barbell will not touch the ground
-During Pullups one partner’s feet will always be off the ground, hanging from the pullup bar
-Penalty for dropping the barbell during Push Press or dropping from the pullup bar during Pullups is 10 Burpees each, payable immediately upon offense. Burpees do not count as reps for score.

Report reps completed by the team during each 5 minute AMRAP and total reps completed during the WOD to comments.

Commentary on where HQ is taking CrossFit, and the format of the 2011 CrossFit Games- CrossFit Journal, see part 2 for the details on the Games

4 thoughts on “Sunday 5 December

  1. Did this one with Jeff. Can’t remember the total something like 860. Fun working with Jeff. At least the first round. After that nothing was fun.

  2. Ditto, Hudson. I enjoyed partnering with you, but this entire WOD was brutal. Very humbling. So many times I felt like a helpless child calling to Hudson to relieve me only seconds after I had just relieved him. Also, as I would look around the room it would seem that everyone was moving faster than me.

    I believe our total score was 897.

  3. Amanda I am glad you joined us! That was a rough workout and you did great handling that 55lb push press! You can be on my team anytime!

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