Affiliate Team Qual Week 2

A kettlebell sits in front of a climbing rope with chalk in the backgroundWeek 2

25 minutes to find a 1 rep max of Ground to Overhead. (Clean and Jerk, Squat Clean and Jerk, Snatch, etc)

Athletes may warmup as necessary, but may not use a loaded barbell during warmup. Athletes can set weights near their lifting stations, however, no weight will be put on bars until after time has started. Athletes must be standing in front of their bars at the beginning of the workout. After 3-2-1 GO! when the clock starts athletes may begin loading their bars and begin lifting. Athletes must hold the lift for at least 2 seconds in the overhead position, and the weight must be controlled with feet underneath hips. Only then is the lift complete and counted. Athletes must request a trainer to watch the lift to ensure legitimacy. Athletes may request the trainer to verify a legitimate scored lift as many times as desired during the 25 minutes. Best lift completed and verified during the 25 minutes may be reported for score. Report lift (in pounds) and trainer that verified the lift to the comments here by 7PM on Sunday. This is the only accepted reporting mechanism.

Affiliate Team Standings – Men

Affiliate Team Standings – Women

41 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 2

  1. I’m really excited to be participating in this with all of you. I also want to congratulate all of our week 1 participants. If you didn’t place where you would have liked (did anyone except Hudson and Brittany?) don’t let it give you a single moment of worry. This is a long competition that will hit every conceivable domain. Many of you will be surprised how consistently turning in a “good” score each week will yield a “great” overall finish. Looking forward to seeing this through.

  2. Congratulations to Hudson and Brittany for taking the number one spots for week one!

  3. 245 lbs, verified by Hudson

    PR by 10 lbs, but some of the ugliest C&Js on my record.

  4. In Alaska for work for 2 weeks, pretty upset I can take a shot at this one. Goodluck to everyone else this week, Hopefully be back late next week to keep competing.

    Predicting 285 for Jeremy

  5. Finished with 205#
    That was my goal so I was pumped to get it over head. Trainer was Jeff. Thanks for all the support of everyone cheering me on. It really helped a ton.

  6. All: Tyler’s situation brought a point of clarity today. With a 13 week competition we need to give you guys some option for turning in a WOD while on travel. So we’ve come up with a system where you can video yourself and have the WOD scored. If you’re interested in doing this, call us ahead of time so we can explain the standards for the WOD, the required camera angle, and the associated time penalty for missed reps (if applicable). Don’t just give us a video without talking to us first.

    Athletes doing the WOD in person, don’t worry. If anyone does elect to turn in a WOD by video because he is traveling, the standards will be very strict– probably stricter than in person at CFI. Let’s be clear: the person on travel will be at a disadvantage, but it’s a better option than turning in no score at all, and only the most dedicated athletes will go to the trouble anyway.

    If you’re interested in taking advantage of this, just give us a call, email, or talk to us in person and we’ll be happy to explain further.

  7. Thanks for the alternate Video option, turns out these style lifts are frowned upon at the gym up here… so after my first few reps I had to stop, oh well!

    Be back for next weeks

  8. 185 with Christina.

    Got 190 up but before I could stand up from the split I accidently lost the bar backwards right onto a bench. Didn’t go well for the bench.

  9. 110 with Daniel. 10 lb PR on Power Clean + 5 lb PR on Jerk = I’ll take it! πŸ™‚

  10. 165# verified by Christina. Previous PR was 145, hoping for 155. Learned a lot in 2 days from Jeff and Christina. Thanks!

  11. Ok, now it logged me in via facebook after trying several times. Anyways…

    225 lb. with Chrsitina.

    Thanks to Christina for the tips.
    Went with the goal of 225 lb. wonder if that affected me getting more weight overhead I didn’t have it in mind as a goal and therefore my mind limited me more than my body.
    Weights above 225 I became hesitant to get under the weight, big mental game there.
    Also, I’m wondering how many 1RM attempts one has before it becomes fruitless.

  12. 130# with Hudson as my trainer

    Thanks Hudson and David for the tips! I was able to clean 135# but just couldn’t get it overhead.

  13. 95# with Christina. Went in with a goal of at least 85, so I’m glad I beat that (especially after being sick all week), but I’m disappointed I couldn’t get 100+. Attempted 100 five times before time ran out, and almost had it on the last one. Squat cleans have definitely been my enemy the last couple of weeks and I intend to work on them a lot!

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