Tuesday 7 December

Craig performs power snatch

Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Deadlift 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Dave Lipson: 565-565-575-575-575-575-575-575-575-575lbs
Kevin Montoya: 405-405-415-415-425-425-435-435-445-445lbs
Miranda Oldroyd: 285-290-295-300-285-285-285-275-275-275lbs
Heather Bergeron: 220-225-230-235-240-245-250-255-260-265lbs
Michelle Kinney: 185-205-215-225-235-245-255-265-275-285lbs
Mel Ockerby: 220-225-230-235-240-245-250-255-260-260lbs

Post load(s) to comments.

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Michelle Kinney on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

14 thoughts on “Tuesday 7 December

  1. What up xfit fam?! I hope to see you all this week! School and work has been a crazy combo this semester so that’s why I’ve been MIA. Looking forward to staying consistent for the new year. See y’all!

    1. Glad to hear from you! You have been missed… looking forward to having you back soon!

  2. Really enjoyed working with everyone today — you all did a wonderful job today! Did this one at the 5:15 class – 105-115-125-140-155-160-165-170-175-180

  3. Did this one at 6:30 and my weights were as follows:
    Worked on getting a bar muscle up some more after the WOD, I got to where I could jump from 14in box and get one, thanks for the help Jeff!

  4. Fun 6:30 class tonight. Squat therapy went well. Nobody punched himself in the face. Also saw some really great progress on breath control and midline stabilization.

    Congrats to Amanda for getting her first kipping pullup after the WOD. Linked pullups are only a couple weeks away! Katie really showed some resolve getting on top of the bar tonight from a 14″ box. Oh, and Jon C. made bar muscleups look easy. I think I learn more from coaching all of you than you do from being coached by me.

  5. I have to agree with Jeff. I think I learned more from you all tonight than you learned from me, particularly with the bar muscle-up. The 5:15 class rocked the bar muscle-ups. Jon C. was rocketing himself over the bar in one single motion! You all made them look easy. I was also impressed with the improvement on deadlifting. Everyone was able to hold midline stabilization well. Great work tonight!

  6. Deadlift 1RM of 385 past mid-July. Started with ~85% at 330 lb.


    Form was breaking down bad at 350 so I reduced the load. Really pushed it on this one, would like to see a 400+ lb. deadlift soon. Was able to maintain the hook grip through set 7 at 335 lb. Needed to switch to a regular grip after that as it felt like I was going to lose a thumb.

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