Thursday 9 December

Dynamax medicine ball

25 minutes to find a 1 rep max of Ground to Overhead (Clean and Jerk, Squat Clean and Jerk, Snatch, etc).

Athletes can set weights near their lifting stations, however, no weight will be put on bars until after time has started.   Athletes must be standing in front of their bars at the beginning of the workout.  After 3-2-1 GO! when the clock starts athletes may begin loading their bars and begin lifting.  Athletes must hold the lift for at least 2 seconds in the overhead position, and the weight must be controlled with feet underneath hips. Only then is the lift complete and counted.  Athletes must request a trainer to watch the lift to ensure legitimacy. Athletes may request the trainer to verify a legitimate scored lift as many times as desired during the 25 minutes.  Best lift completed and verified during the 25 minutes may be reported for score.

Post 1RM to comments.

6 thoughts on “Thursday 9 December

  1. Always a good time with the morning class. Thadd and Katie made some exceptional achievements. Thadd started dropping under the bar for the first time and was able to achieve a big PR. Katie put 115 lbs overhead, taking #3 on the ladies’ leaderboard.

  2. 195# PR (+10) for Clean and Jerk. Wanted to beat Daniel’s 205 but I need to get my foot back on the jerk instead of just push pressing it.

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