Friday 17 December

Mike weighted pullups

Fundamentals will be happening at 4 PM today instead of the regularly scheduled WOD class.

Partner WOD

For time:

1600m run with a 35/26 lb kettlebell

100 Double Unders

75 Pistols

50 Ring Dips

25 Handstand Pushups

Complete each movement before moving on to the next (no partitioning). Only one partner may work at a time. During the run the kettlebell may be passed between partners as desired or carried together. Each partner will perform a minimum of 30 double unders, 20 pistols, 15 ring dips, and 8 handstand pushups towards his team’s total (ie your partner can’t completely save you from any movement). If a team of three is necessary then multiply rep requirements by 150% (37.5 rounds up to 38, etc) and take two kettlebells on the run.

Tonight is the CFI Christmas Party!

Sliding Surface Dysfunction

5 thoughts on “Friday 17 December

  1. A huge shout out to Ben this morning for volunteering to partner with me KNOWING beforehand that I’m not the strongest at running or DU’s. We made a good team and finished at 23:21.
    I am fully prepared to run out of the bank holding the money bag if needed. 😉

  2. Good job today lunch crowd! That was a fun workout. I like the team WODs. Good job today Leah and I cant remember the visitor’s name (Im sorry).

  3. 20:44 with the most awesomeness partner ever. You were outstanding Daniel!
    AJ (my youngest) said he wants to look just like Jeff, Daniel, & David when he gets bigger.

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