17 thoughts on “Thursday 16 December

  1. Pretty light class attendance this morning. Michelle and Katie completed their WOD before my 5.18 of strict pull up blue bands and 30 back extensions. I noticed a big difference between kips and strict. At least I was able to out jump them at 113″. Thanks David for getting the heat going this morning and pushing us to our best.

  2. Small but mighty class this morning. Kurt smoked Katie and I on the vertical jump.

    Strict blue band pull-ups plus GHD 4:30 and 103″ in the vertical jump.

  3. You guys are right. It was a small class this morning, but fun! It was nice to kick start the day with three early rising CrossFitters. Michelle, Katie, and Kurt had their own mini competition going this morning. Kudos to Michelle for finishing the workout in 4:30. Kurt surprised us with his big vertical jump, Katie made sure he didn’t beat her on the workout!

  4. Great lunch class. First workout that I did kipping pull ups (one by one)!! Thank you Christina for the push. Everyone did an awesome job:-)

    1. Great to hear! Keep knocking them out one at a time, and linking them will come very soon.

  5. To clear up any confusion, the “vertical jump” numbers are a measurement from where you touched the wall to the ground. To get your true vertical jump distance, you should subtract your standing reach (in inches) from the total distance measurement. For example, it I jump up and touch the wall at 110″. The distance I actually jumped is 26″ because my standing reach is 84″. This is important if you are interested in comparing jumps with others of varying heights. However, if you are only interested in yourself, the total distance is a valid data point to know if you can jump higher in a month.

  6. I don’t think anybody at CFI has ever worked harder than Jon C. tonight. Everybody hustled through this one (including David at 3:xx–wow), but Jon really pushed hard.

    Congrats to Katie for finishing Fran as Rx’d for the first time.

    1. Thanks Jeff, I’ll take it seeings how I never thought I would ever be able to finish any workout prescribed when I started crossfit 6 or 7 months ago.

      1. The hell of it is, you’re going to be an incredible athlete if you keep working like you have been. The progress you’ve made in 6 months is already phenomenal. In another 9-12 months you may be the score to beat on most days–kind of depends on how hard your peers train 🙂

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