Affiliate Team Qual Week 4

A kettlebell sits in front of a climbing rope with chalk in the background

“Running Diane”

400m Run

21 Deadlifts, (225lb male, 145lb female)

21 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)

800m Run

15 Deadlifts

15 Handstand Pushups

1200m Run

9 Deadlifts

9 Handstand Pushups

40 minute cut-off. Handstand pushups will be done with each hand on a 25lb bumper plate and one abmat as the target for the athlete’s head. Head must touch abmat at bottom position for each HSPU to be counted. Athletes can move their plates and abmats to any setting desired, however, feet must be against the wall and arms fully locked out for a HSPU to be counted. Kipping is allowed. Head may start at the bottom position if desired. Deadlifts must come to full hip and knee extension at the top with shoulder behind bar. If at any time an athlete’s back begins to round unsafely during deadlifts, the trainer present can require the athlete to stop and rest until he can hold a neutral spine, or the athlete may choose to scale the load if deadlifting with proper technique becomes impossible. If an athlete cannot continue the workout Rx’d, he may scale and continue, reporting his score as a DNF with the number of Rx’d reps complted before scaling. Reps complete at cut-off will be counted if the athlete runs out of time.

Affiliate Team Standings – Men

Affiliate Team Standings – Women

53 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 4

  1. DNF 21 Reps. Alas, in spite of Christina’s fantastic coaching and my diligent efforts, today was not the day for my first handstand pushup. But someday soon. πŸ™‚

  2. DNF 21 reps w/ Christina. Ginga, I feel your pain! Couldn’t get them either.

  3. DNF. 400M run + 21 deadlifts @225# + 4 HSPUs.

    After SEVERAL failed attempts at more HSPUs, I punted and scaled the rest of the WOD so I could finish it. Finished the HSPUs on the GHD. Also dropped the deadlift to 185# half way through the second round since 225# was my max deadlift (back in September). Finished in around 31 minutes.

  4. 25:41 1 Rx HSPU, 44 DB HSPU (wrist issues :()

    everything else Rx’d
    welcome back from vacation, Craig… Nothing like a little puke and rally in the last leg of the 1200 :-/

    1. Craig, just to make sure we’re all clear, your score is a DNF 22 reps. Hate that your wrists weren’t ready for this one man. There will be a lot more WODs to go. Keep at it.

      1. I thought it would be counted as scaled? I dont really get it, but its fine… I didnt do it prescribed and you know the rules

        Either way I’m gonna keep doing it even though with the last two weeks I’m pretty much done

  5. 15:24 Rx’d w/ Daniel

    Had the post-WOD feeling that I should have pushed harder, but it always seems that way in hindsight.

  6. 22:26 Rx. Thanks to Jeff and Daniel and Amanda for all the encouragement at the end. Props to Jeff on an awesome finish. And to Christina for a 42 HSPU PR. That’s huge.

    HSPUs slowed me down on this one but I have definitely made progress on them. 14 consecutive first round when I’ve never done more than 8. Not where I need to be yet but I’ll take it.

  7. DNF 87 reps with Daniel as trainer. Congrats to everyone for really pushing outside their comfort zone! You guys all make me push harder and it is because of you guys I did not give up on my handstand pushups!

  8. DNF 64 reps Rx’d with Daniel.

    First time doing HSPU (kipping). Like Katie, I went into this hoping for 1 HSPU and pulled out with a lot more! Beat my 1RM on deadlift by 40lbs! Also found out I can do a headstand. Tonight was a good night! Thanks to Daniel, Alex V., Jeremy, Ashley, and Tyler for sticking around and cheering me on.

    1. Wow, reminds me of when you performed your first legit pullups for Fran and linked 4 of them during your 15 set. If this competition is doing anything, it is bringing forth the incredible capabilities inside many of you.

    2. Great job Mandy! Turning into the dark horse of this competition! I love it — keep up the great work girl!

    3. Thanks guys! I’m getting so much more out of this competition than I thought I would, and I’m glad I’m finding I can do things I never expected I could do right now. Thank you for helping me push myself to be a better athlete!

  9. 21:01 Rx, Daniel as the trainer.

    Both my quads cramped up near the end of the 2nd round; the entire 1200m run was painful and slow. I’m disappointed in the sense that I could have done better, but happy that I did better than I expected.

    Big thanks to Mandy, Daniel, Jeremy, Tyler, Ashley, Jason and Rick (did I miss anyone?) for cheering me on and helping me get the leg-cramps under control!

  10. 28:26 Rx’d with Hudson

    I was excited to finish this one. My first time doing HSPUs with full range of motion in a WOD. Thanks to eveyone that cheered me on.

  11. DNF 88 reps with Lil’ C (but all trainers were there to witness the mental breakdown)

    Just FYI, sorry ahead of time for this post. (I normally don’t write unnecessary long posts, but I felt I should today.)

    My goal on this WOD was to finish in the allowed 40 minutes and I did not. Needless to say I’m incredibly disappointed. The run and DLs were a breeze, but the HSPUs were awful. I am positive I did 100+ kipping HSPU but just could not keep my feet on the wall for half of them. I let it get to me and spent too much time and energy in a mental state of defeat, allowing frustration to hinder any progress I could have made otherwise. I know it wasn’t the physical aspect that kept me from finishing under the 40 min. It was the mental. When it comes to CrossFit, I usually think of my weaknesses in terms of my physical strength and stamina…like those bastard wallballs…curse them all. But in reality, my biggest weakness is mental. Overcoming that hurdle of frustration and ignoring that voice saying my body is too tired are the two greatest challenges for me during any WOD. Because of this, I know I need to put a lot more effort into improving my mental fitness if I want to improve my physical fitness.

    Having said that, I am incredibly embarassed about my “breakdown” during the workout. I sincerely apologize for the obscene amount of foul words that were screamed out of my little southern belle mouth. Though rare form, it was definitely a product of mental weakness. And btw, my mouth got washed out with midnight pomegranate soap….twice. For all that were there encouraging me, thank you so so much. I don’t think you know how much it means to me having you there cheering for me, motivating me, encouraging me, saying just the right things to help me focus and get over those obstacles, both physical and mental. And also thank you to those who gave me “tough love” (you know who you are). I mean, sometimes you just need to hear someone tell you that you are being a sissy. I love my CFI family!!

    1. I totally understand what you are going through. You can ask Zan about my many mental breakdowns at sectionals, regionals, and most of the time for no reason in a random main site WOD. The mental aspect has always been my weakness and it is much harder to overcome than HSPUs. You have been pushing yourself really hard and we can all see it is paying off. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just regroup and keep going. You’re killn it girl!

      “Mental toughness, for the purposes of CrossFit, therefore becomes the capacity of the athlete to maintain the confidence-enhancing positive beliefs and laser focus on the immediate task while being physically overwhelmed by the workout.” -Steven Shrago (From the “Mind Game” a Crossfit Journal article.)

    2. You did awesome, girl. Very inspirational to watch you keep going. Proud of you!

    3. Jordan’s words are solid.

      Wednesday morning Erin A.talked to me about a similar topic: how even though a competitive spirit drives us all, it is competition with ourself, with the inner voice, that is truly beneficial (and painful).

      My numbers analogies don’t usually work out too well, but I’m gonna try anyway. For every 1000 people, probably 500 of them care about physical fitness at all, and perhaps 250 care enough to take a legitimate shot at bettering themselves. Of those 250, all but about 100 quit as soon as it gets tough or uncomfortable. Of those 100, probably 10 will have the cajones to give CrossFit a legitimate shot. Based on our numbers I can tell you that of the 10 who give it a shot, about 5 will stick with it long term. Of those 5 CrossFitters (in the CF community as a whole) only a few will take their training to the point of examining their weaknesses, both mental and physical, and training with the dedication that I see from CFI’s athletes every day.

      All of you are part of that select few who have chosen to not only excel, but to devote yourself to excellence. I say that not to stroke your ego, but to show you that in the grand scheme of things being over-critical of yourself for your weaknesses (mental or physical) is akin to furiously trying to buff the remaining imperfections from an already rare and precious gem. I commend everyone who desires to improve herself, and certainly nobody here is happy with average, else we would take part in an “average” exercise program. But despite all the times we would like to have performed better, at least we dared, and dared greatly. Cheers.

  12. 28:53 Rx

    Went into WOD with lofty goals but after 7 HSPU I was just wanted to finish. My back flared up slowing me on the runs but on a good note my shoulder did not hurt. Thanks to everyone that pushed me to finish, it helped a lot. Merry Christmas EH!

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