16 thoughts on “Monday 20 December

  1. Strong work tonight from the 5:15 class. By widening his stance and shoving his knees out further, Luke made huge improvement in his technique and posted a 20 lb PR (if I remember correctly).

    My WOD:
    225-245-255-265-280 (3RM PR)

    Improved from my old 3RM PR of 275, so I’m happy with that.

  2. Good strength work tonight at CFI during the 6:30 class. Almost everyone made improvements on their squat form. Alex V., Ryan, Lonny, and Jason come to mind. Mandy got a PR! She did her previous 1RM for a set of three.

    Back squat for me was:


  3. 225-245-265-285-295(3RM PR by 10lbs)

    Still need work on my form when the load gets heavier. Good tips from David tonight, the new bar position and grip is something I need to concentrate on.

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