Tuesday 21 December

Rachael back squat

“Running Diane”

400m Run
21 Deadlifts, (225lb male, 145lb female)
21 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
800m Run
15 Deadlifts
15 Handstand Pushups
1200m Run
9 Deadlifts
9 Handstand Pushups

Affiliate Team Qualification Rules: 40 minute cut-off. Handstand pushups will be done with each hand on a 25lb bumper plate and one abmat as the target for the athlete’s head. Head must touch abmat at bottom position for each HSPU to be counted. Athletes can move their plates and abmats to any setting desired, however, feet must be against the wall and arms fully locked out for a HSPU to be counted. Kipping is allowed. Head may start at the bottom position if desired. Deadlifts must come to full hip and knee extension at the top with shoulder behind bar. If at any time an athlete’s back begins to round unsafely during deadlifts, the trainer present can require the athlete to stop and rest until he can hold a neutral spine, or the athlete may choose to scale the load if deadlifting with proper technique becomes impossible. If an athlete cannot continue the workout Rx’d, he may scale and continue, reporting his score as a DNF with the number of Rx’d reps completed before scaling. Reps complete at cut-off will be counted if the athlete runs out of time.

“The Sherwood Chronicles: Community Part 1”, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday 21 December

  1. 27:02, 12-9-6 for the handstand pushups. Felt real solid on the run and deadlifts, but those handstand pushups are rough.

  2. 24:58 as Rx’d

    Almost talked myself into scaling after taking a few weeks off and then being ridiculously sore last week after gettin back. Glad I didn’t. Energetic class at lunch, everyone really got after it and great coaching from Christina.

  3. 29:15 Rx’d
    Aaron, thanks for helping me with the kipping HSPUs. I’d never have finished rx’d if it hadn’t been for your words of wisdom.

  4. Rx’d with inverted pushups on GHD 31:26. PR on dead lifts by 20# (and did 45 of them!)

  5. Strong work from the 6:30 class tonight. Lonny fought with the HSPUs for the full 40 minutes, and never relented, much like Christina in the class before. Katy also had a long bout with HSPUs. Inspiring work from everyone.

  6. Right shoulder prevented any kind of HSPU, so Ryan and I did our own workout:
    400m Run
    21 Pushups, Situps, Turkish Getups (2x double unders for Ryan)
    800m Run
    15 reps each
    9 reps each


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