22 thoughts on “Wednesday 22 December

  1. Regarding the WOD pic, congrats to Christina for performing her first full range of motion kipping handstand pushup yesterday…and then doing 41 more.

    1. Thanks Jeff — I could not have done it without you and the rest of the CFI members during 5:15 cheering me on. You guys are truly the best!

  2. I had 8 motivated athletes ready to get the day moving this morning. Lots of accomplishments too. Katie got her first complete rope climb. Steven made a big PR on Randy and took #3 on the leaderboard. Michelle, Ben, and Kurt all improved their ability to get over the pullup bar in a single, fluid roll. Erin and Melissa both fought hard on the WOD. Gean turned the college boy roll from a functional movement into a gymnastic work of art.

    1. Thanks Michelle — I heard about you getting over that bar today! Congrats to you as well!

  3. Had a great time with the 5:15 class. A few things that stand out to me….Jeff’s crazy fast finish time, Christina displaying some crazy strong HSPU ability out of thin air, Justin fighting through the heavy deadlifts without rounding his back even an inch on any rep, Bill making the kipping HSPU’s look easy, and Lori fighting hard in an attempt to get a HSPU. Its always a pleasure leading a class and watching all you guys absolutely kill it. It pushes and inspires me on my workouts more than you know.

  4. DNF
    Too much too soon might be today’s motto. Made it through 35 reps Rx’d and lower back was on fire and getting tight, so much so it was compromising my DL position, however the brothers Pride and Ego Dickhead where there and screaming in each ear, “finish it pussbot!!” Luckily Christina was there and seeing that I was probably about to set myself back another 3 weeks made the insightful and intelligent suggestion to finish the remaining reps with hang power cleans. It still hurt and I won’t need a walker for the next 2 days to take a crap.

  5. Gold 41#, 75 reps 6:33. Wish I could have Rx’d this one. Did a few with 55# and my back just wasn’t going to have it after yesterday’s dead lifts.

  6. “Randy” – 3:39 Rx’d

    Nice working with the homies in the 6:30 class…you all kicked ass, appreciate the motivation! Also, great to see Mandy and Alex goin on the Affiliate WOD, way to keep on it!!

    Thinkin if I can get in there, it will be my turn for the Affiliate tomorrow…..ohh joy!! lol

  7. 4:08 rx’d

    At one point I think I saw Jeremy yawning and doing these one handed?

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