Tough Mudder – CFI Team

Update: You can now use this Facebook event page to stay up to date on the latest news about our team!

Sarah Willoughby is getting together a team for the Tough Mudder competition. Check out the link here for more information.

Location: Highland Park, Cedartown, GA

Dates: Saturday March 12 & Sunday March 13, 2011

Time: 9AM

Cost: Anywhere from $130 to $180 depending on which day you compete and how long you wait to register. For more information on cost and dates go here.

A team can consist of 6 to 20+ people.

If you are interested and want to sign-up email for details.

62 thoughts on “Tough Mudder – CFI Team

  1. I’m already registered for it, but my team members are slacking on signing up. I might have to switch to the CFI team. I’ll let you know soon. 🙂

  2. Just to add to what’s above, we are planning to camp there the night before (as many participants do), so this will be a 2-day commitment. This race can be anywhere from 7-12 miles and is not so much a race to win as a race to finish.

    There are several obstacles along the course that bottleneck and give you time to catch your breath. If you are not a great runner, don’t worry about it! More than likely, you will be running about 1 mile at a time with an obstacle in between.

    This looks like a really fun race! Can’t wait to see who’s willing to get muddy!

  3. I am in for sure. Will we be doing some special training at CFI for this? Will we be making team shirts? I am excited!

  4. Nice! I did this race when its hit Allentown, PA. It is awesome and definitely challenging, plus the first thing you get when you cross the finish line is a free beer!

    I might just have to sign up for this again

  5. We need to figure out which day we want to do this pretty quickly. The sooner we register, the more money we save. Perhaps we could have a meeting to figure out what works best for everyone as far as which day and whether or not to rent a van to get down there or just caravan? Days to run together, etc.? What do ya’ll think?

    1. I’m in for whenever, someone just be decisive on date/plan.

      It also might be worth our while to rent an RV or something… if we get a bunch of people to chip in it probably wouldnt be that expensive and easier? I have a tent that goes on my truck so I’m not worried about it if not, I was just thinking about everyone as a group!

  6. Sarah,
    You’re the lead on this, but I suggest just getting feedback here from those interested and then picking a date. You will never be able to please everyone. We’ll make sure to announce this during class a few times to alert athletes to the thread here where they can jump in if they are interested.

    I am interested. I can do either day.

    Here is a link to the course map:

  7. I can do either date, just need to know cuz I will probably take a 4 day pass. I have a tent, and a small pick up to pack gear on. I will be out of town from 27 DEC thru 3 JAN, then I will be back to the grind.

  8. Great idea, Jeff. I’m hearing alot of “I can do either day”. Because I’m not friends with all of you on facebook (“friend me” so i can email you), and I don’t have everyones email address, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS THREAD.

    Please let me know which day works better for you ASAP. The price goes up this weekend and it would be good to get this going. From talking to some other people who have done this, it seems like Saturday would be the best day to do it. The course is less destroyed, and you get to have more fun at the after party because you aren’t concerned about getting home quickly (only to feel like crap at work the next day). I’m up for whatever! If anyone else has a take on this I would love to hear it!

    1. My email is jordanpepe (at symbol goes here) yahoo dot com

      I will try and get Zan and I registered ASAP.

  9. Saturday definitely seems like the day to do it, for the reason of not having to drive back home after going through it and being filthy, etc…

    My vote is for Saturday!

  10. I agree on Saturday. For greatest chances of victory it is best to compete on days named after a god of dance, justice, and strength.

  11. Ok, Saturday it is! Always a a good day to get muddy!

    I have registered our team as “Crossfit Impulse”. I sent those of you who had your email addresses listed on Facebook an invitation email. For anyone who didn’t receive that email, shoot me your email address and I’ll send you the invite.

  12. Guys, a word of caution, printing your email in plain sight like that is the equivalent of you saying, “Excuse me, Chinese spambots, could you please send me lots of information on anti-depressant medication and penis enlargement techniques?”

    A better way to do it is “joe at gmail dot com” or something similar. That’s not fool proof either, but it will keep a bot from easily indexing your email in plain text. No skin off my back–just a word of caution.

    I’ll edit the existing comments to help.

  13. I think I have sent the invite to all who have sent me their email. If I missed you, please send me an email. Prices go up on Monday! Sarah_willoughby2003 (at sign) yahoo dot com

    Merry Christmas!

  14. registered – who could pass up something like this… as close of an encounter with sustained misery as you could enter into on purpose. my kind of event. i suggest coordinated costumes, possibly of martyred saints.

  15. Registered as well. I got a spectator ticket for my wife (Selena) for $15 FYI. We won’t be tent and dirt camping so if anyone has a suggestion for a nearby hotel, let me know. We might look into renting a camper or RV.

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  16. CrossFit Impulse team (registered at this time):
    Steven Gaffin, Jeff Barnett, Craig Ruchti, Alex Vlasse, Mandy McDaniel, Ben Denton, Luke Doiron, Clint Rankin, Sarah Willoughby, Freddie White

    Keep it coming!

  17. Wil talk to the wife today about this.

    Is the plan to camp out at the park the night BEFORE the race (Friday night)?
    Will people be headed back to Huntsville late Saturday or staying in the area for that night?

    Any recommendations on gear? Looks like in the video several guys have gloves and what not, probably depends on the temp on race day. Does Under Armour have their anti-electroshock garments out yet?

    1. Clint & I are camping Friday night and I think some others are too. We will have a team meeting probably next week to discuss details.

  18. Registered.

    Since some have asked about training preparations I bet David and Jeff are hard at work developing an electrified fence to add to the “Obstacle Course” WOD or developing our very own “Tough Mudder” WOD to participant in at CFI. I can already see the liability waivers for that WOD now…

    1. I’m sure with some shovels and a 3, 2, 1 go! start we can create one hell of a mud pit out back!

  19. Sarah,

    A friend of ours would probably be interested in doing this, but he’s not a CFI member. Are we keeping this as a CFI team only, or can we invite outsiders?

    1. you can invite outsiders… they may have to clean up the puke after CFI workouts though. 😉

      send me his email address and i’ll send him an invite.

      1. Yay! I’m sure he (and possibly they) won’t mind any goat sacrificing, kool-aid drinking, puke cleaning, or other necessary rituals. We haven’t talked to any of our outsider friends about it yet, but after we do, I’ll send you the email address(es) of those that are interested.

  20. First Team Meeting coming up!

    Where: Jason’s Deli (on University Dr. in front of Target)

    When: Thursday, Jan. 6 at 7:45pm

    I hope this is a good date/time for everyone! Let me know if you’ll be able to attend.

  21. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was extremely intimidated by this, but apparently I’m a masochist (hence my membership with CFI) because I’m interested. Is there a limit to the number of team members? Is it a team event? I’m pretty sure I’d be the last person to complete it if it were individually based…

    1. Hey Erin! It’s a team event. You will finish with at least 4 other team members within our large Crossfit team. There is no limit to team members and we are currently at 17 people with all levels of ability. I would love for you to compete! There is an informational meeting tonight at Jason’s Deli on University Dr. in front of Target at 7:45. I hope you can make it!

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