Tuesday 4 January

John performs OHS

30 minutes to find 3 rep max of Front Squat.

Athletes may warmup as necessary, but may not use a loaded barbell during warmup. Athletes can set weights near their lifting stations, however, no weight will be put on bars until after time has started. Athletes must be standing in front of their bars at the beginning of the workout. After 3-2-1 GO! when the clock starts athletes may begin loading their bars and begin lifting. Athletes must come past parallel on each squat and stand each lift to full hip and knee extension. A trainer must be present for all three squats to verify depth and extension. There can be no question about whether the athlete has met depth; if the rep is questionable then it does not count. Athletes may drop the bar after full extension of the third and final lift. Athletes must request a trainer to watch the lift to ensure legitimacy. Athletes may request the trainer to verify a legitimate scored lift as many times as desired during the 30 minutes. Best 3RM completed and verified during the 30 minutes may be reported for score. Report lift (in pounds) and trainer that verified the lift to the comments here by 7PM on Sunday. This is the only accepted reporting mechanism.


Come out and join us for some local CrossFit fun at the Affiliate Throwdown with CFHSV on January 29th.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday 4 January

    1. Jeannette,
      You may not want go for a 1RM, but you can do front squats. A suggested rep scheme would be 5-5-5-5-5. You can scale the load appropriately. I see no harm in that.

      If that does work, we can always come up with something for you to do.

  1. 155 175 185 200 210

    Beat my previous PR of 185 by 25 lbs and that PR was only 2 weeks ago. I really focused on keeping my core tight and that halped tremendously in stabalizing the bar during my squat.

  2. 55-75-95-100-105-110(1x)

    Then made up yesterday’s WOD. Gold, blue band w/ 41#, 17:55.

  3. 6:30 class was a blast. It was actually uncanny how great everyone’s technique was. Usually at least 1-2 people struggle with technique, but every single athlete was nailing their front squat and deadlift technique.

    In the 5:15 I worked on band resistance deadlifts and then power clean practice, trying to eliminate arm pull.
    Deadlifts were
    all with 2 green bands, which I think probably adds about 75-100 lbs at the top of the pull
    Power cleans were
    185×5 (in singles)
    225×5 (in singles)

    This week’s affiliate WOD has sufficiently pissed me off that I intend to strengthen my hips at all costs. Weakness in squatting is probably also part of why I dread wall ball.

  4. 140# (3RM)

    Seemed like errbody wanted to do “Helen” today 😉 Did it with Zan at the 5:15 class after the FS WOD. 10:24, PR by about 5 min from my previous Helen.

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