Thursday 6 January

Leah kettlebell swings

Rx’d by Christina and Jeff

AMRAP 18 minutes

4 Power Cleans (m: 175 lb, f: 105 lb)

8 Pushups

16 Butterfly Situps

Butterfly situps are performed by anchoring the soles of your feet against each other. Range of motion is shoulder blades touch ground at bottom and hands touch feet at top. Abmats may be used at your option.

Tony Budding talks about how he programs for the CrossFit main site- video [wmv] [mov]

Study Shows American Falsely Believe Their Diets Are Healthy– Discovery News

People that drink irresponsibly may be linked to those who eat irresponsibly, therefore, the link must be in their hormones, not their irresponsibility. -New York Times

12 thoughts on “Thursday 6 January

  1. Lots of fun with an AMRAP this morning. Michelle took the win with over 11 rounds. She performed her old 1RM power clean for 48 reps! Pam made some solid progress on power cleans as well, and Cherish was whipping the “gold” load around like it was a toy.

    My morning WOD was shoulder press via the 5/3/1 method
    5 @ 105
    5 @ 120
    AMRAP @ 135, 7 reps

    Looking forward to this AMRAP this evening.

  2. Jeff you were great this morning and thanks for the push on getting every rep we could. It’s another great day for crossfit!

    80# prescribed reps 11 rounds + 3 cleans.

  3. Scaled @ 135 PC, PUs and SUs Rx’d
    12 + 13

    It’s been a while since my last AMRAP and this was a spanker! Great programming!

  4. Lots of energy during the 5:15 class. Everyone gave it their all for 18 minutes! Kudos to Hudson for killing it!

    My results were:

    12 + 8 reps

    I spent too much time feeling sorry for myself about the power cleans so that made them even slower. Ryan killed it!

  5. 14 rounds + 10 reps

    Situps got me. Congrats to Ryan for the win in our class and to Hudson for smoking it overall.

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