Affiliate Team Qual Week 7

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Week 7

“Annie,” with a twist

For time:

50-40-30-20-10 of



As soon as you complete Annie you have 2 minutes from that very second to complete as many muscle-ups or chest-to- bar pullups as possible. For each muscle-up completed in the 2 minutes you will earn 10 seconds subtracted from your time on Annie. For each chest to bar pullup you will earn 1 second. You may choose whichever movement you desire and you may mix them up in any combination you desire to earn maximum seconds. 20 minute cutoff for completing Annie. If you are still working on Annie when the 20 minute cutoff expires then you will note your reps at DNF and attempt the muscle-ups and CTB pullups for 2 minutes. In this case you will earn 10 additional reps for each MU and 1 additional rep for each CTB pullup, added to your DNF score. However, no amount of added reps will place your DNF above a completed Annie. Report original Annie time, MUs or CTB pullups completed, net Annie time, and trainer present in the comments here by 7 PM on Sunday. This is the only accepted reporting mechanism.

Affiliate Team Standings – Men

Affiliate Team Standings – Women

40 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 7

  1. 6:15 (2 MU, 11 CTB) with Hudson as the trainer.

    I wish I could have knocked out more MUs, but I failed twice and switched over to CTB.

  2. 12:04 (12:15 w/ 11 CTB Pull ups). Trainer was Hudson.

    I think some of those sit ups were the fastest I’ve ever done! CTB pull ups sucked at the end. Had problems linking my double unders, but overall pretty happy.

  3. 7:30 on Annie + 6 muscle ups & 3 ctb pullups = 6:27 rx’d

    Situps were my limiting factor. Muscle ups were crazy hard after the double unders for some reason. Was expecting 15, and got 6. Im happy with my score though, best I had in me.

  4. DNF: 204 reps with Christina

    OK, first time meeting with Annie and she left me weak in the knees, breathless, but NOT begging for more! Of course it was the DU’s that got me and an outfit malfulction that if I did have linked DU’s would have given a new meaning to “pants on the ground”!!

  5. 6:54 + 7 MUs = 5:44 with Daniel

    PRed on Annie by a minute and half. I was happy with the muscle ups, those 2 minutes went by really fast.

  6. Really interesting to see what the MU/CTB twist adds to this WOD. For instance, Alex I. was able to overtake Justin by only 2 seconds by using more MUs to overcome a longer Annie time.

  7. 6:20 Annie (PR+6 seconds) and 4 MUs = 5:40
    Hudson as trainer

    MUs were so, so difficult. Embarrassingly difficult. Haven’t felt like that since the regional competition with kettlebell snatches and MUs. Wish I had had the presence of mind to switch to CTB pullups in my final 30 seconds.

  8. 16:48 – 23 CTB = 16:25 with Christina

    … The hardest part of that work out was resisting the urge to throw my jump rope across the gym. My last Annie time was sub 12, I don’t know what happened.

  9. Did this today at the open gym. My time was 13:00 + 13 CTB pull ups for a grand total of 12:47. It is a PR by a little over two minutes, so I will take it (: I am glad I learned how to link double unders finally this week. Tyler did an awesome job today, way to go. And lil C was my trainer present (:

  10. 5:19 (PR) + 19 CTB = 5:00

    I attempted three MUs and failed at three MUs, so I decided to move to CTB pull-ups and stop wasting time attempting MUs. I wanted at least 20 CTB pull-ups but I fail short on that as well. I am happy with my Annie time.

  11. DNF 276 with Jeff. This includes 11 ctb pullups. Will do better next time — I know it.

  12. 6:41(PR) and 16 CTB pull-ups = 6:25
    David was my trainer

    Only broke twice during DUs so I was able to PR by about 3 min. Had plenty of energy to do more CTB pull-ups but I think I was too hyped up about my PR that I didn’t focus on those like I should have.

  13. This post is for Patrick and Lisa. Patrick attempted to post earlier and had technical difficulties. He called me to post for him.

    Patrick: 6:31 + 9 CTB = 6:22

    Lisa: 8:09 + 16 CTB = 7:53

    The trainer present was Daniel.

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