Monday 10 January

Christina prepares for weight pullup


Based on the 8″ of snow most of Huntsville and Madison received last night all CFI class will be closed today. We will keep you updated on further cancellations.

10 Rounds for Score of

  • Tabata Burpees
  • Tabata Barbell (male: 90% body weight, female: 60% body weight)

This is a 10 round workout lasting exactly 10 minutes. Each round consists of 20 seconds of burpees, followed by 10 seconds of rest, followed by 20 seconds of barbell work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle repeats 10 times until the athlete has completed a total of 10 work intervals of burpees and 10 work intervals of barbell maneuvers. This workout is scored for points. Points are awarded as follows:

Burpee: 1 point


Power Clean: 1 point (Just get the bar from the ground to your shoulders, doesn’t matter how.)

Squat Clean: 3 points (Full depth required for points.)

Squat Clean and Jerk: 5 points (Full depth squat clean + get the bar locked out overhead, doesn’t matter how.)


Athletes can choose which barbell maneuver they wish to perform during barbell work. Barbell must return to the ground between maneuvers. Athletes may earn as many points as possible during the 20 second work interval by performing as many maneuvers as possible. For example, an athlete could perform a squat clean and jerk, return the bar to the ground, and then perform a power clean during her 20 seconds to earn a total of 6 points.

Prescribed load for males is 90% body weight. Prescribed load for females is 60% body weight. Round down to the nearest 5 pounds. For example, a female with a body weight of 130 lbs would multiply 130 * 0.6 = 78 lb. Rounding down to the nearest 5 lbs means she will use a 75 lb barbell.  Trainer/athlete method will be used to make scoring easier. Athletes may choose their partners.

Barbell load will be scaled as follows, but you might be interested in competing for the top male and female spots in your class if you are capable.

Gold: 75%/50%

Silver: 60%/40%

Bronze: 40%/30%

“Pull Up Innovation” with Pat Barber and Chris Spealler – video [wmv] [mov]

Tony Budding reviews the last WOD cycle – video [wmv] [mov]

5 thoughts on “Monday 10 January

  1. Did this one at home with 50#. Got halfway through the Squat Cleans and realized I was doing it backwards with 10s of work followed by 20s of rest!! Oh well, better than doing nothing.

    3 Burpees
    4 PC
    3 SC
    3 SC&J

    1. Anything with burpees is probably harsher than what I did tonight! I didn’t think about the burpee as an equipment free exercise until i looked at tonight’s WOD just now, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t :halo:. Burpees are my nemesis.

  2. How funny… I neglected to look at the WOD today before programming my own mini-wod… 12 minute AMRAP, 15 squats and 15 wall pushups.

    I had contemplated a tabata workout with those same 2 movements, and wasn’t sure whether it’d be better to alternate or just do a 8-round tabata squat followed by a 10-round tabata pushup.

    Anyhow… one small step towards the moon ;). 8 + 4. I need to find a good benchmark mini-wod that doesn’t involve any equipment. I fear that including wall pushups makes this one a little too loose on the scaling to be a good benchmark, but I was just happy to make good on my resolution… one step towards the moon!

    Hope to see y’all on wednesday, but if not then home tabata, here i come!

    1. That’s some pretty good home programming. 8 rounds on a 12 minute AMRAP shows that you were able to keep the intensity high. Nice work.

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