Wednesday 12 January

Sarah performs power clean

Due to continually poor weather conditions CFI will not be conducting a morning class today.  All other classes will be conducted as normally scheduled.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
Row 250 meters
25 Push-ups

Josh Everett 9 rounds + 129 meters, Rob Miller 8 rounds + 20 push-up, Kristan Clever 8 rounds, Kevin Montoya 7 rounds + 19 push-up, Michael Giardina 7 + 241 meter.

Post rounds completed to comments.

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday 12 January

  1. 6 Rounds + 10 PU.

    First row was averaging 48s/m. by the end I was averaging 34s/m. Round six I shot it back up to the 47 to 48s/m. Push-ups was the thing that killed me in this workout.

    I thought Alex smoked me about round four but I feel good seeing that he beat me by nine push ups.

  2. Did this WOD as a partner WOD with Hudson. We ended up with I think 262 push ups. Really glad Hudson is good at push ups but he was probably not glad that I am not a great rower (: Thanks for being my partner!

  3. sounded like an awesome wod. I’ll be there tomorrow ready to work out. Good job Amanda and Katie!:)

  4. Congrats to my three motivated teams in the 5:15 class. Hudson/Katie and Craig/Justin battled it out with a close score.

    I partnered with Lonny in the 6:30 and scored 316 total pushups. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Was much more fun with a partner rather than slogging through 15 minutes of hating myself.

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