13 thoughts on “Friday 28 January

  1. I think Hudson and Chloe must be thinking the same thing đŸ™‚ Their facial expressions are exact.

  2. I thought the same thing Christina!!

    5K row this morning just to relieve stress from a huge presentation I’m doing today and to keep myself loosened up. 23:10. Nice cleans by the morning crowd!

  3. Chloe is thinking “Geez, I must be hungry. All those kettlebells look like boobs.”

  4. Started (very) low and worked up to 95 lbs, working more on technique than strength. It didn’t really click until the last set, with the help of Christina and a fellow cross-fitter whos name I do not know (but you probably know who you are!). Less work works better sometimes ;).

    Was good to be back after a few weeks off… pushed hard on the warmup row to give myself a benchmark (chose the 500m row to have something that’s not entirely demoralizing… 21s off the leaderboard. Give it a year and watch out!). Left me a bit woozy through the rest of the warmup and the skill-work, but glad i did it anyways.

    Thanks to the whole cross-fit crowd for keeping me motivated in my fitness journey!

  5. Glad I got to meet Rick, David, and Luke for lunch workout. There was a lot of great lifting going on.
    I managed 105-125-145-150-155-155-160. Christina and Katie kept me going through that last set.

  6. Given my injury, I couldn’t do cleans so did back squats instead. 135/145/155/165/175/165/155.

    Good work by Richard getting that power clean form.

  7. Enjoyed working the clean technique with Jason tonight at 6:30. I felt like I was able to convey what I learned at my olympic lifting cert and had him hitting all the correct positions and stances. Always fun to work with an athlete 1 on 1.

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