11 thoughts on “Sunday 6 February

  1. Silver (14# med ball and 120 WB shots): 7:06. First time to ever do that many wallball shots. I almost fell going down the stairs of my apt earlier.

    Fun class today. Good job Jeff!

  2. I did the 100 burpee pull-ups for time instead of Karen today. My time was 17:24 Rx’d. I really wanted to get sub 15 on this one but I underestimated the one foot jump to the bar. CFHSV did this one today and my dad beat me by 22 seconds. I can’t believe I let my old man beat me!

  3. Gold in 10:05.

    This was my first run-in with a massive number of wallball shots and I felt like my shoulders and upper body were the limiting factors, since my legs actually seemed to hold up relatively well.

  4. Karen: First time at wall ball shots… Did bronze at 14Lbs (75 reps) hope I can get out of bed in the morning!

  5. Great class today with Patrick setting a new record on Karen. Amanda and Billy pushed really hard too. Afterwards I enjoyed our inaugural yoga class with Ginga. Very relaxing and mobilizing!

  6. 8:01 (10#)

    Wasn’t quite ready for the 14#. I’ve concluded any movement involving the shoulders is automatically a weakness of mine…got to work on that. Thanks Bill for coaching me on this one and Jeff for calling me out on squat depth! I’ll never learn if I don’t hear “Nope. No rep!” 😉

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