Saturday 5 February

Ryan P Atop a 53" Box
Ryan P. heard about the 51.25" gym record box jump...and then jumped 53"

Pullup and Muscle Up Clinic!

Instead of a WOD, today CFI is hosting a pullup and muscle up clinic. Clinic begins at 9 AM and will run until about 10:30 AM. Read all about it here, and come by to improve your technique or work towards achieving your first pullup or muscle up.

Congrats to Tyler Dalrymple, our newest athlete profile.

6 thoughts on “Saturday 5 February

  1. That’s awesome! He could literally jump onto Christina’s shoulders…not sure why he would want to but it’s still cool!

  2. Great time at the Muscle Up Pullup Clinic. Everyone made excellent progress. Victor was as close to getting a muscle up as you can get without fully finishing it out, and Chris got his first one today. Hope you guys enjoyed the progressions. They are simple enough that you can practice them on your own, and then start knocking out muscle ups. But remember, it takes practice. Wanting to get a muscle up, and putting the time in to learn the muscle up are two totally different things. So work hard, and good things will happen. Great job to everyone today. Already looking forward to the next Clinic!!

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