Monday 7 February

Karen 150 wallball shots
Congrats to Patrick for taking #1 on the Leaderboard with a 5:45 Karen!

For time:

Buy in: 8 rope ascents (male) or 5 rope ascents (female)


3 rounds

10 Kettlebell snatches, right arm (male: 1.5 pood, female: 1 pood)

10 Kettlebell snatches, left arm (male: 1.5 pood, female: 1 pood)

10 Squat snatches (male: 95 lb bar, female: 55 lb bar)

20 minute cutoff. Buy-in is performed on the clock.

Standards and ranges of motion:

Kettlebell snatch: Starting position is kettlebell hanging from one arm, between legs. Kettlebell does not have to touch ground after each rep. Finish position is kettlebell extended above head with portion of ear visible in front of arm.

Squat snatch: Barbell will begin on ground for each rep. Athlete will perform a squat snatch to full depth. Athlete must stand with control at the top of each rep before repeating. Power snatch followed by an overhead squat is allowed. Any questionable depth on the overhead squat will be called “no-rep.”

Rope climb: A jump is allowed when beginning the rope climb. Athlete must physically touch the steel rafter to complete each climb. Climbing method is at the option of the athlete. Descents will be controlled and performed hand over hand.

5 thoughts on “Monday 7 February

  1. 1000m row buy-in. Then 3 rounds of 15 situps + 2 rope climbs. 8:55 total time. Thanks once again to Lil C for programming this WOD for me. It was tough. I’m slowly learning to keep my mouth shut 🙂

  2. Fun 6:30 class tonight. Mitch really killed it, going Rx’d on the rope climbs and finishing the couplet very fast. Was great to have both Melissas back again. Christina also really worked hard to finish under the time cap with the Rx’d load. That’s a heavy kettlebell for a small lady, and she handled it like a champ.

    My WOD was 9:44 Rx’d

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