Tuesday 8 February

Ashley kettlebell snatch


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Parallette handstand push-ups
10 Toes through rings
15 Medicine ball cleans, (20/14 lbs)

Russell Berger 14 rounds + 3 HSPU (5″ deep HSPU), Heather Bergeron 10 rounds + 12 cleans (1″ deep HSPU, 14lb ball), Austin Malleolo 10 rounds + 3 HSPU (shoulder to parallette), Kevin Montoya 10 rounds + 2 HSPU (head to floor HSPU), Kristan Clever 8 rounds + 9 cleans (6″ deep HSPU), Rebecca Voigt 4 rounds (6″ deep HSPU).

Post rounds completed to comments.

WOD Demo with Kristan Clever – video [wmv] [mov]

Narcotics Detective and Special Assignment Unit Operator Carlos Ledesma, 34, of the Chandler Police Department, Chandler, Arizona, was shot and killed by drug dealers on July 28, 2010, during an undercover operation in Phoenix, Arizona. He is survived by his wife Sherry and sons Luciano and Elijo.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday 8 February

  1. It’s very humbling when three of your weaknesses show up in the same WOD. I was all over the place. 7+6 reps. Thanks David for your encouragement this morning.

    1. You are welcome. We all have weaknesses. The fact that you can admit your weaknesses makes you stronger. Keep up the hard work!

  2. We had the usual crew this morning. Everyone worked hard to no surprise. Robby made great improvement on his med ball cleans during the workout! Good way to start a Tuesday!

  3. 6 rounds and another 5 HSPUs. Skipped the parallettes and just did regular handstand push ups. The toes to rings was a new one on me but I found it easier than toes to bar.

  4. 7 rounds + 5 HSPUs + 1 Toes through rings.
    I did standard HSPUs. I second Davy’s comment about Toes through rings being easier than toes to bar. We’ve found the one thing that rings do not make more difficult.

  5. Great WOD, but it kicked my butt! 5 rounds at bronze with 6 DB presses and 8 L-shaped hangs… Tip of the day for a newbie, keep your arms locked out trying a HSPU… Landed on my head going down to my shoulders!

  6. Fun 5:15 class tonight. Everyone went super strict and really improved his/her strength and technique.

    Justin absolutely murdered the affiliate WOD. He just kept swinging the kettlebell…

    My WOD went 6 rounds + 2 reps. I went head to floor on parallette HSPUs and didn’t kip on 80% of my toes through rings. I wanted this to be a strength and stamina WOD at the expense of a little metcon, and it was.

  7. 7 rnds + 27 reps (kipping HSPUs)

    Med ball cleans were more tiring than I thought they’d be!

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