16 thoughts on “Wednesday 9 February

  1. It’s amazing how much better I am in my head than on the paper where the true data is. 33:38 this morning, not quite the PR I thought it was 33:14 last time out. Write this stuff down people! It’s the only way you know whether you pushed it hard enough or not.

  2. 44:27
    Subbed 10K for the 5K, splits were 21:51/22:36
    Normally my goal for any type of run is negative splits but I’ll take this result considering the tremendous pressure between my ears and the amount of snot in my head. First time running the CFI 5K course and I like it!

  3. Great lunch group today. This was my first time to run the CSI 5k course. Good, tough course! I was pleased with my run today till the end 😉 Way to run me down in the last 200, Leah! Great Job everyone!

    1. Melissa I second that! Lunch group was awesome today. It was fantastic to see all four CFI athletes running down together at the end to support each other- what camaraderie! It truly made me proud to be apart of CFI. You guys rock.

      Christina thanks for the shirt! (Fat guy in a little coatttt!!! Hehehehe)

      Row: 27:52

  4. I just ran a 5K at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens this past Saturday so I’m going to use today as a rest day.

    My time Saturday was 26:49 which was a PR by about :50 but still leaves PLENTY of room for improvement.

  5. Nothing says dedication like running 5k in a snowstorm. Congrats on your resolve, Ashley and Justin! Another congrats to Andrew for taking #1 spot on the leaderboard in 5k row!

  6. The Canadian has been Southernized so I ran 5k at globo with the wife. Even though in reality most Canadians don’t run in the snow, they are usually inside drinking beer, making babies, and watching hockey.

  7. Kudos to Tyler and Ryan G. for running in the cold and snow! Tyler even got a PR. Congrats to Alex V. for taking 3rd on the leader board 5k row!

  8. 22:50 rx’d PR by 52 seconds. Thanks to the push on the last 800m by David taking the cold run along with me. Could not have done it with out Jeff’s pair.

  9. Thanks Jeff & Justin for the moto through the run. Definitely was a chilly challenge with low visibility the last leg. I’m satisfied with my time for the conditions.
    23:38 Rx’d 5k

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