Affiliate Team Qual Week 13

A kettlebell sits in front of a climbing rope with chalk in the background

Week 13- The Final Week of the Competition!

For time:

10 Squat Cleans, (m: 135lb, f: 85 lb)

20 Pushups

30 Deadlifts, (m: 135 lb, f: 85lb)

40 Double Unders

50 Kettlebell Swings, (m: 1 1/2 pood, f: 1 pood)

60 Situps

70 Squats

Compare to Week 1 and see your progress.

Report times as comments in this post no later than Sunday at 7PM with the name of the trainer present during the WOD. This is the only accepted reporting method.

Affiliate Team Standings – Men

Affiliate Team Standings – Women

38 thoughts on “Affiliate Team Qual Week 13

  1. Unlike Week 12, I can’t even begin this WOD, so I’ll get at least 15 points. Therefore, if you take #1, you win. Get after it.

    1. Not that would play such a dirty move, but if you really wanted to screw with him, you could scale the squat cleans to a ridiculously low weight and just do one of them.

  2. 9:11 Rx’d with Jeff.

    This was a PR by 2min 44sec. I was sick the first time I did this WOD. Although, I don’t believe I would have gotten a 2:44 PR had I not pushed myself outside my comfort zone over and over again during this competition. Being able to compete with such great athletes at CFI has been an awesome experience. It’s truly inspiring to see everyone push themselves to the limit every week. The number of PRs that I’ve seen at CFI over the past 13 weeks is astounding! Our competitive spirit has never been stronger. I can only hope that we will continue pushing each other and giving 100% day in and day out. I didn’t mean to get so sentimental, I’m just proud to be part of this CFI family!

    1. I’m thrilled you continue to stick around and show us how it’s done. I too am really excited to see all the PRs that 13 weeks of competition is going to create.

  3. 10:53 with Jeff as my trainer.PR by 1 minute. I have to second Jordan’s comment. It has been a true honor to train with you all. I look forward to seeing what the Sectionals Competition brings to CFI. Jordan hell of a performance today. You have truly come a long way in being able to push yourself to new levels! Zan I was equally impressed with your performance today. You too have come a long way in the last year. Thank you both for pushing me today to getting a PR. The support and push from everyone today made all the difference!

  4. 8:50 with Jeff – PR by 2:51

    Thanks for the tips Christina and Jeff. Double unders did me in the first time but I was able to do them in two sets this time. Always room for improvement but overall I am happy with the progress.

  5. 13:50 Rx’d with Lil C as my trainer. This was a PR by 3:54.I am glad, but sad that the affiliate competition is over. Everyone has done such an amazing job! So proud to be apart of this Crossfit family (:

  6. 10:15 rx’d with Daniel.

    57 seconds slower then my PR.
    The DU’s just didn’t come today, got frustrated and wasted a lot of time with them. The rest of the WOD went steady. Excited to redeem myself with sectionals around the corner. Thanks a lot to Jordan for yelling at me through the whole WOD, would have had a much slower time without it.

  7. 13:19 with Christina. PR by 55 seconds. Thanks Christina for the push at the end. I never would have made it through those squats without you!

  8. 10:45 with Christina. PR by 1:08. Thanks for the motivation Jeff.

    I really enjoyed this competition, it pushed out of my comfort zone. It was great competing with everyone and everyone motivating each other to do their best. Thanks to everyone that competed and cheered and to Christina for the great programing.

  9. 10:25 with Jeff. PR by 51 sec

    Thanks Christina for coaching me on this one! I think I would have made it under 10 min had I not messed up so much on DUs. Oh well…I’ll take a PR any day!

  10. 12:55 with Daniel (PR by 12:55, 277 reps!).

    Glad I was able to push through the squat cleans this time! Thank you Alex and Christina for the encouragement! Also thank you Christina for kicking my ass the last 13 weeks. I needed it!

    1. Sorry, a 3:30 PR!! I think I’ll do this again in 3 months to track my progress. I really had a lot of fun during these past thirteen weeks, even if on the days of the Affliate I would come down with what is known as CFIBS!!

  11. 9:52 with Christina as trainer
    I wanted to do this the first time, but couldn’t since I was still in recovery mode, so I was excited to get a chance at it this time. I got lucky on the DUs, but the KB swings were rough! Great job to Bill, Alex, Daniel, and Leah who did this one with me.

  12. All of these PRs are great! I am truly proud of all if you for your achievements throughout the competition. You all are definitely setting the standard high for me!

  13. 10:45 (PR by 48 s) w/ Hudson. Hats off to David and Alex V for leaving me in the dust.

  14. I forgot to say a couple things.

    Thank you Christina and Mandy for pushing me throughout this weeks WOD. Having David and Patrick working out next to me was constant motivation as well. I was seconds behind David until situps wrapped up and it was needed motivation as well.

    This affiliate competition has been wonderful motivation and I’ve greatly enjoyed the friendly competition! Thank you too the trainers who set this up, and especially thank you too everyone who competed and made this so enjoyable!


  15. So far we have allowed late entries up to a couple hours, up to this point. We understand that working out during the Sunday class and having obligations afterwards makes it difficult to post on time. However, there is a judgement call here and I will allow these post to count. I feel that up until mid-night I would accept a late time. After that long it shows the athlete did not care enough about the competition to post their time or completely forgot about the posting requirements.

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