14 thoughts on “Tuesday 22 February

  1. Thank you Christina for helping me get the correct form on deadlifts today. I felt a lot more efficient.

    WOD: 135, 225, 315, 275, 335
    then did single reps of 345, 355, 365(The most I have ever tried)

    1. I’m currently unable to raise my right arm over my head, but I don’t think it’s related.

  2. Dropped in at CrossFit Ogden for:

    Then alternating Tabita of push-ups and push press (45 lb). My score was 6/10. I burned out quickly from OHS before hand.

  3. 175-185-195-205(2)-205(X)
    Pretty happy with this since my 1RM last time I checked was 205 (: Way to go Tesha for pulling a ton of weight 3 times! Great 6:30 class!

  4. Had a great 6:30 class tonight. Lots of athletes pulling heavy loads with perfect technique. That’s what I like to see! Joe really made progress on his technique.

  5. 315-335-355-375-385(2)

    Form started going on the last set so played it safe.

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