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  1. Looks like I am going to miss tutorial #2 tomorrow morning Christina. I was hobbling around like an 80 year old woman today. I think my back needs a rest day. The quest for a kipping pull-up will continue on Thursday.

    1. Pam, I understand completely about the back. Whenever you want another lesson just let me know. Hudson will be teaching Thursday’s morning class. I am sure he will be able to assist you on your quest 🙂

  2. Sooo…. I broke my right 5th metarsal proximal end. I can workout as much as I want but cant put loads on my feet, suggestions? I imagine I will be doing lots of push ups, situps and pullups.

    1. Why don’t yall do me a favor and stop breakin things! We’ve got a tough mudder competition coming up!

    2. man sorry to hear that. Oh, course we will be able to program some workouts for you to do. Come whenever you are ready for a workout.

  3. Improvements over 13 weeks ago, increased cleans and deads to 75# from 65#, 20 DU’s instead of all singles, 15:22 today vs. 13:34 last time. I’ll take heavier weights and DU’s over time. Great morning and thanks Christina for pushing me through the sit-ups and squats. It sucked in such a great way.

  4. Great morning class today. Michelle and Ashley really put themselves to the test this morning and came out stronger on the other side.

  5. SUCKS! Preparing for the WOD and did a couple warm up squat cleans at 95, then 115 lbs (well within my capability), when pop, something pulled in my back. I was then unable to even pick up the bar. Quickly sub’d 10 push ups for squat cleans, and 30 push ups for deadlifts (resulting in combined 10-20-30 pushups. For the KB swings I sub’d 50 pull ups.

    I think I may have to abstain from any lifting for a while.

    1. Davy,
      I am extremely sorry to hear this. Hopefully it is nothing serious. Please keep me updated and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  6. Had a light 5:15 class today, but all my athletes made great milestones. Dan had his first workout after coming back from a knee injury. Kurt PR’d by 4 minutes and used a heavier load. Jordan PR’d on Fran by over 30 seconds, getting into the 4 minute range for the first time. Congrats to everyone!

  7. Silver…22:04…yep. This was my first time doing this workout and it was a rough one. I got hung up on the KBS (started out with 3/4 pood and switched to 1/2 midway) and squats. Thanks for the push everyone and a warm welcome to the new members of CFI! They did great tonight!

  8. I did Fran tonight to see where I’m at on reaching my goal of a sub 3:00 Fran time. My time was 4:41, a 37 sec PR over the last time I did it. Thanks to everyone that pushed me through it! I’m so happy to get this PR tonight!

  9. CrossFit Ogden WOD:
    For time:
    500m row
    10 Deadlifts, 225 lb
    20 Box jumps, 24″
    30 KB swings, 55 lb
    40 Wall ball shots, 20 lb
    50 OH walking lunged, 45 lb
    400m run
    Time: 14:05

    Being 4000ft above sea level (normal for me) is tough during medcons like this. I plan to do this one at home as an experiment to see how much it effects me.

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