15 thoughts on “Monday 28 February

  1. 65-75-85-85-95 I dropped on the 3rd rep of the 4th round, and the 2nd rep of the 5th round. Thanks Daniel, for helping me on one extra round and I was able to get all 3 @95. This was my first time.

  2. Nice job William!!

    55-65-75x-70-75x 1rep(new pr)-70 Yay for getting 6 reps at my old 1RM. Even better was the 3 sets of 3 reps of unassisted pull-ups afterward.

  3. Thanks Michelle and Christina! Michelle, It’s pretty funny… Every time I fill out a form I put down William, when I go by Billy… Guess it’s just habit… Great job on the pullups!

  4. 60-70-75-65-60 on my own today. I didn’t get fully locked out in the power position on 75lbs so I went back down in weight to finish the set. It’s been a while… I’m ready to be back at this on a regular basis!

  5. Tonight I did a lot of therapy and mobility for my right shoulder. I was finally able to raise my right arm into a full overhead position, which is about a 500% improvement over this morning. Very happy with that. After that I put on the sling and did a circuit of tire drags, tire flips, and step ups.

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