Wednesday 2 March

Maurice playing with chains

Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
75 pound Squat snatch, 15 reps
9 Handstand push-ups

Kevin Montoya 8:34, Dave Lipson 9:14, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet 9:16 (55lbs), Chad Wittman 10:42, Elyse Umeda 12:46 (75lbs).

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“Planning for the Open” with Karianne Dickson and Gregg Arsenuk by Again Faster Equipment, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Dave Lipson, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Chad Wittman on today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

Miranda Oldroyd’s hotel modification of today’s WOD – video [wmv] [mov]

24 thoughts on “Wednesday 2 March

  1. Thank you Billy!! What a present I got when I got to the box!!
    Dead-lifts 175-195-200-205-175 this is a huge improvement over 2-22 where I failed at 1 rep of 195 two times. Back ext 10-18-26.

    Thanks Hudson and thanks Greg for saying just the right thing at the right time on the way up at 205!

  2. 125-145-155-145-155.

    Really wanted to make sure my form was good today. I felt my back get a little tweaked after our last affiliate WOD and didn’t want to chance making it worse before the big race next weekend.

    Thanks for the help Christina and Katie!

  3. Did a variation of today’s mainsite wod.
    Three rounds of:
    400m run
    12 Squat Snatch @ 55lb
    9 dumbbell presses w/ 25lb

  4. Scaled in 27:41
    400m Run
    15 Squat Snatches @ 55lbs
    9 Dumbbell Shoulder Presses @ 20lbs

    Should have scaled a bit more for intensity, but overall a good first day back!

    1. I just realized I did 65lb Squat Snatches last night instead of 55lb no wonder they felt so heavy!

  5. Scaled- 37:27

    I’ve been having pain in my right calf after running on a treadmill at work the day before yesterday so I scaled a 350m row for the run. I’ve been struggling with my HSPUs lately for some reason so today was a true lesson in mental stamina. I did get plenty of work on my kip though. Huge thanks to Jeff, Daniel, Alex, and Tyler for sticking around to see me through to the finish.

  6. Jeff let the Fulty and I do our own WOD instead of the subbed deadlift WOD (lower back feeling tweaked, so wanted to avoid heavy lifting).
    3 rounds for time:
    500m row
    30 double unders
    30 pushups
    30 situps

    15:29. Fun workout, but really felt gassed on the row starting in the second round.

  7. Subbed the main site workout for the deadlift workout. 125-175-195f-175f-125…had some pyramid action going on there. Lower than the other week, but that’s ok because my form was better this time. I’m happy about that. Thanks Jeff for the tips!

  8. 16:?? Rx’d

    After the 3rd round I took off on another run by mistake. So I didn’t catch my exact time.

    Good job to Jordan for fighting through the hspu’s. And to Story and Mel for major improvements in the deadlift. Great night at Impulse.

  9. Was great to see so many folks in the 5:15 class again. You guys make a lively atmosphere at CFI! Craig made some solid improvement on deadlift technique today. Was also really impressed with Amanda’s performance in the HSPUs and snatch on today’s main site WOD. I think she may be our next lady that has decided to go from beginner to superstar without ever hitting the intermediate stage.

  10. Oh, my WOD was squats with a belt and chain while standing on a 24″ box.

    A heartfelt thanks to Alex and Tyler for helping me. I literally would not have been able to workout at all without them helping me load up the weights onto my belt.

  11. Had a good time tonight.

    14:20 Rx on today’s WOD.

    Followed that by a gymnastic WOD created by David.
    3 rounds of handstand holds (facing and against wall), and hollow rocks. This was an ab burner!

    Followed both of those with Helen and got 9:54. Something tells me I’m going to feel this tomorrow.

  12. not to be an under achiever or anything but I only did one WOD unlike Alex’s 3

    DL WOD: 315-345-365-385(1) did this deadlift WOD a little over a week ago as well, so I didnt push it too far.

    25#-45#-45# Back Extensions. Rx’d

  13. Deadlift WOD: 135-155-165-175-185-195(F) For some reason I always struggle with deadlift. Jeff said my form looked pretty good apart from a right knee caving in slightly. I guess I just need to work on it more.
    5-10-15lb back extensions. Definitely should have gone heavier on those.

  14. 20:32

    Did kipping HSPU which was the toughest part for me and took the most time to complete. I failed on a few of them due to fatigue and not keeping my feet on the wall but they are improving. Thanks Alex V. for helping me keep them legit!!

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