Thursday 3 March

Tim situps

6 Rounds for time:

25 Double Unders

25 Pushups or 14 Pistols (alternating legs), your choice

Every 2 minutes, on the minute, sprint 100 m

  • You can choose a different movement each round if you want, but once you choose Pushups or Pistols, you have to finish the round with them.
  • 100 m course starts at your workstation, goes out the back door, around the building, in the front door, and back to your work station

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When do I stop my warmup sets and start my work sets on heavy days? -Tony Gentilcore

14 thoughts on “Thursday 3 March

  1. Damn Jeff…just letting you know that your programming was brutally awesome for me this morning! I suck at DU’s, pistols and sprinting and this wod had me begging for mercy by the end because I’m so slow. That being said, I managed more linked DU’s than ever before at 10 per round. Thanks Billy for sprinting my last 100m even though you were finished. Melissa thanks for counting those last few pushups and pistols. This morning is what makes CFI different than any other “gym” I been a part of. It’s truly family.

  2. David flew through this one during the 6:30 tonight. Strong work from Lonny and Zan on doing a tough WOD despite recovering from a nagging injury. I know what that’s like, guys. And I feel your pain. Keep at it. We’ll substitute movements until the cows come home. Doesn’t matter as long as we improve and get in some work.

  3. 7:56 rx’d. Pushups got old really quick, so the last four rounds were pistols. Props to Alex V for getting me by 30+ seconds.

  4. 15:28 with assisted pistols on a 12″ box with a 10lb plate. Did 1st round pushups. 2nd and 3rd round pistols, 4th round pushups, and last two pistols. Good programing Jeff. It was fun.

  5. 22:55 Rx’d. My pistols are ridiculously slow so I ended up doing push-ups for every round except one. And I got a little frustrated because I linked about 10 DU’s yesterday and couldn’t even get past 5 today.

    Great job by everyone at lunch though. Several people really blazed through it.

  6. 11:42 or 11:24 Rx, I can’t remember. I did the first round pushups, the second pistols, third pushups, and the rest pistols. The pushups were tough since I’m still sore from Tuesday, so I did pistols to finish it off.

  7. 11:58 -3rds pistols(10lb plate under heel), 3rds pushups

    Double unders are it or miss but still happy with progress. Pistols also got easier the last two rounds. I have been thinking about getting lifting shoes for olympic lifts and now pistols.

  8. 9:42 Rx’d

    First 4 rounds pistols, 1 round pushups, then last round pistols.

    Had major issues with the the jump rope. First off I accidentally grabbed a shorter rope for the first 2 rounds. Finally realized it and grabbed the one I meant to use for 2 rounds until it broke and I had to go back to the first rope.

  9. 14:44 with a 10# plate under my heel for pistols and a bum right calf.

    Rounds 1, 3, 4, and 6 I did pistols; 2 and 5 were push ups. Round 5 sucked. It took me forever to do the double unders, often getting only 1 or even none on every attempt.

  10. Oh, Alex’s sister was interested in doing a crossfit style workout. After showing her proper form for squats, modified push ups (using my car instead of a bench), and jumping rope, we had her do a bronze-ish scale of this WOD:
    6 rounds:
    -75 singles
    -25 squats or modified push ups
    Every 2 minutes, run approx. 100 meters (we think she overestimated it for the first 3 rounds, so asked her to scale it back some).

    She tied me!

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