19 thoughts on “Wednesday 9 March

  1. Kudos to the eight athletes that braved the torrential downpour to come work their butts off! Everyone attacked this one with confidence. I am continually impressed with the improvements I see in our athletes.

  2. Hate that I missed you guys this morning…I felt like I needed an extra day to recoup from a nasty stomach bug. FYI- I watched the butterfly technique video … practiced it on my bar this morning and it made things totally click. Great video!

  3. Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
    3 Shoulder Press @ 60# (board says 65, but I can’t add!!)
    5 Deadlift @ 165#

    7 + 7 Missed getting that last rep by mere seconds!! Thanks Christina for encouraging me to do 165 DL. It was tough, but DL is what I need to work on.

  4. 11 rounds +3
    Deadlift @ 225
    Shoulder Press @ 105

    Should have upped the shoulder press a little, but I was still huffin plenty at the end.

  5. 11 rounds + 2

    I started with 135 press and completed four rounds with it. The third rep of that fourth round was very slow to come up. I knew I would not be able to sustain any amount of intense at that load for the remainder of the workout, so I dropped to 115. Deadlifts were all scaled to 225.

    1. How could I forget? Thanks to Alex I., Freddie, and Jeff for the push during the workout!

  6. 11 rounds + 1
    70lb press / 135lb deadlift
    The press killed me. I really had to fight for each one towards the end.

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