13 thoughts on “Tuesday 8 March

  1. This is one of the best WODs I’ve ever done for kicking my butt in ways that I desperately need. I still remember when we did it in June and Lonny ran us all down on the last sprint.

  2. The lunch crowd was fortunate to get this in before the rain. This sucked every bit a much as last time, although fortunately I was running with folks more my speed. Times varied from low of 14.75 to 17.+

  3. HARDEST WOD I HAVE EVER DONE. I literally thought I was dying of a combination of the flu and a stroke. Times from 14.08 to 20.10

  4. Great job to the morning class as well as the 4:00. Everyone did really well today on keeping the intensity up. Had a great time with the lunch class!

    In June times were: 15.76,16.86,16.12,17.13,16.87,17.56,17.,18.70,18.70,18.91,18.40


  5. Did the rows this evening. 25.0 to 26.1. Had one 29 due to slipping off the seat.

    Really enjoyed coaching the runs in the 11:30 class. Really impressed with the intensity. Christina stayed consistent throughout, coming in at the end of the pack the first run to finishing in the front toward the end while other athletes slowed.

  6. Scaled in 21:07 at CF Firebase in Orlando

    2 rounds for time of:
    25 Pull-ups
    150 Single Unders
    25 Toes to Bar
    150 Single Unders

    Warmed up with 2 Hang Power Snatches and 3 Overhead Squats on the minute every minute for 12 minutes.

    First day back on the bar in a while and my hands are feeling it. 🙂

  7. Had fun working out with the 5:15 and coaching 6:30 today. Everybody gave it hell during 6:30. Everybody.

    During 5:15 I tried out the WOD and found I can pull with both arms just fine (damper on 1), but I can’t quite go balls to the wall like I want to in a sprint. Therefore, I rowed 9 of the sprints 1-armed, and actually turned my best time this way. Fastest was 30.1 and slowest was 31.8.

  8. The 5:15 class showed up ready to work today. Kudos to Jeff rowing with one arm and holding his ground! Greg F. put out some impressive splits on the row.

    I worked out with 6:30. The row sub was just as hard as the sprints were in June. My fastest was 26.2, slowest 29.8.

  9. I think the rowing sub was just as hard physically, but I wasn’t out of breath like I was with the running version. I was fairly consistent around 33 with one outlier in the 32s and one in the 34s. Not the fastest, but consistent. Had the fastest times with the damper set at 8-8.5, although I think I’ll try lowering it to 5-6 next time to see what happens.

  10. Awesome 6:30 class, I did the Rows between 25.9 and 28.9. consistenly dropped a few tenths each round. It was definitly a good sub, I dont have the painful day after feeling of the sprints. Hopefully the sprints will come up again soon on a nicer day.

  11. I subbed rows with the 6:30 class (I came fully prepared to go run in the cold rain, though!).

    Times ranged from 32.6 to 35.3. Thank you Jeff for your assistance and tips on technique–it really helped, and I saw improvement immediately. Also thanks to Brittany; I was chasing you the whole time. I look forward to running sprints in nicer weather!

  12. Rowed with the 6:30 bunch. Times ranged from 29.3 to 34.9. My butt and quads starting burning so bad by the 5th round that I was on the floor rolling between rounds to relieve the pain. Thanks Mandy, David, Jeff and Tyler for the encouragement…I really needed it on this one!!

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