Thursday 10 March

Joe Shoulder Press

“Death by Pullups”

With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.

You can drop from the bar as needed within the minute.

Lance Cantu 22 min + 11, Kim Malz 21 min + 9, Jose Santiago 18 min + 17, Jeff Barnett 21 min, Hudson Slater 19 min + 19, Daniel Fanning 18 min + 13, David Clem 17 min, Christina Barnett 15 min

Post number of minutes completed to comments.

Compare to 26 September 2010 at CrossFit Impulse

Humans are losers (when it comes to penis spines) -Ars Technica

Rethinking “normal” blood pressure– New York Times


16 thoughts on “Thursday 10 March

  1. Ha!! Just when you think you might have your pull-ups, this shows you not so much :). Combo unassisted 3 rds, blue 10 rds, green 2rds to get through 15 minutes. Nice work by everyone this morning and a shout out to Melissa Fowler for making it happen!

  2. Wow! I guess they don’t call it death by pull-ups for nothing….I can’t raise my arms above my head :D. Thanks for the shout out Michelle!!

    15min +15 RX

    1. Ahh man, Melissa! Missed 16 minutes by ONE REP!! Thats frustrating!!

      Good job! Excellent score.

    2. Wow, that’s 135 pullups in 16 minutes. Legit! Most people probably don’t do 135 pullups in their lives.

  3. 14 Rds + 7 Rx’d. Then a death by sit-ups variation to top off the day.

    Today was supposed to be a rest day but this WOD was just too good to pass up. I loved it!

  4. 13 rds + 13 Rx’d death pullups. to much time spent looking down pitifully at my wasted hands on the last round.

    then 20 rounds plus 5 death double unders
    then 4 rounds death situps

  5. Did this one in between the 4:00 and 5:15 class. Thanks Davy and Daniel for cheering me on through this one. I got a PR by 13 was trying to beat Melissa F. but just could not do it. I guess you found those long lost pullups after all 🙂 Score was 15 + 13. My grip gave out before anything else. Just could not keep my hands on the bar. Next time I am completing round 16!

  6. Did this one with the 5:15 class. I scored completed 18 mins. I stopped there due to a torn hand. I didn’t want to destroy my hands with the Tough Mudder coming up on Saturday.

    The 6:30 class really pushed hard on this one. Kudos to Chris and Tyler for leading the class and being within 2 reps of each other! Cherish did more pull-ups than she had ever done before!

  7. Today was pretty interesting. Went to the UFC to do some swimming. While there I decided to walk around a little and take in the sights. For those of you unfamiliar, David and I started CrossFitting in the UFC. Our CrossFitting there ended with starting CFI and being harassed by a very large woman who was displeased with us using the kettlebells near the running track.

    Today I saw a man doing bench press who I distinctly remember from 2 years ago. He looked exactly the same. I saw a personal trainer counting half range of motion diamond pushups. I saw someone doing either shoulder press or bench press–inside a squat rack. The yes/no machine was getting plenty of work. I saw not one person utilizing a barbell in a way that any of us would consider effective. About the only thing I saw that gave me hope was a very overweight lady using a swiss ball against the wall to scale the difficulty of squats. At least that was legit.

    The cardio area was also strange in its own way. As Lindsay pointed out on Facebook, people are kind of in a trance when they use those machines. I used a bike for 5 minutes just to see what it felt like. I kept looking at my watch because I didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything. Sure, what I was doing was kind of tough, but unfulfilling. Felt very odd. I took a jog around the track to check out if anything had changed. This revealed some type of group class going on in the rear of the gym. I literally, no exaggeration, forced myself to keep running around the track even though I wanted to stop and gawk (admittedly, and howl with laughter). They were doing what might be considered quarter squats, but the folks who were very tired weren’t really flexing their knees. They would just bend over at the hip, put their hands on the knees for a split second (like the way we rest sometimes when we’re drained) and that counted as their squat. Wasn’t an issue of scaling it to their ability. Was an issue of nobody giving a fuck. Saw at least one grown man pumping his arms furiously in the air as part of the class. Have to say it gave me a chuckle.

    This might seem really condescending and rude to a globo gym’er, but it’s what I think about what I observed. I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for something I’m not. 🙂

  8. I think I did more pullups today than I did in a year going to LA Fitness. 18 rounds + 16.
    Lindsay injoyed the workout too even though she is now screaming bloody murder and cursing like a sailor as she takes a shower.

  9. 16+12 Lost my grip pretty quickly. Still PR’d by 1+12, so happy with that. Rally thought I could get too David’s 18. Maybe next time. Props to Chris for pushing me on and Brittany who im pretty was right with us the whole time.

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