10 thoughts on “Friday 11 March

  1. Just found this in the FAQ at games.crossfit.com:

    “Qualified teams may select any group of individuals from their gym to represent them at Regionals, whether or not they competed in the Open.”

    That means if you guys qualify us for the affiliate competition at regionals, then I could still be a competitor on the affiliate team (assuming all my healing goes as planned and I’m an asset to the team at the time and not a liability). I’m rooting for everyone!

  2. Great morning class today! Ken stayed consistently moving and took the win. Pam and Michelle also did some strong work with Michelle muscling through 65 lb thrusters. I knew she could do it, and she did.

    Lateral box jumps are a fun twist. I think it will be a significant and rewarding change for even the advanced athletes.

    Ben tackled Barbara with a 20 lb vest. Holy moly. That’s one that you’ve just got to be happy to finish with your internal organs intact.

  3. What a great ending to this week. Thanks Jeff so much for your encouragement and the great coaching on helping me learn not to drop “ass to ankles” at the bottom. David, you are no longer my favorite after prescribing this one. šŸ™‚

    21:58 18″ box, 65# thrusters for 12 reps.

  4. Wow that one was tough! 17:07 Rx. Kudos to Lisa. Couldn’t quite catch her at the end. Great wod though. I hope we see that one again.

  5. WOW that was a rough one!! Thank you Christina, Daniel and Bill for the push, I really really needed it! David, it’s going to take me a long time to like you again… So evil!!!

    Quote “Bill were you watching the clock?”

    20:15 Rx’d

  6. Great job to all of those who did this workout yesterday! I love it when I see people go RX’d who are really testing their limits! Great job to Melissa J. and Amanda W. for doing this WOD RX’d and with great times! You two are becoming forces to be reckoned with!

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