21 thoughts on “Tuesday 21 June

  1. Thank u Christina for helping me today!! Small class at lunch today but we were working hard!!

    1. You consistently show up, and you go all out each wod. That’s why it clicked. Nice work. Your improvements the past month are noticeable in your recent wod times and loads.

  2. A mix of things:

    2 banded pull-ups, 2 assisted bar dips, 4 push ups, 8 KBS (1 pood). 8+4 rounds. Didn’t get my chin fully over the bar on the last pull-up. I kept trying, but couldn’t get it up there. Still a good WOD though 🙂

  3. 12 rounds + 1 muscle up Rx. My shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow! Tyler and Daniel kicked butt in the 5:15 class. Burpee dodge

  4. I went with parallete HSPUs using one 45 lb bumper as a target and scored 8 rounds + 5 reps.

  5. 8 rounds + 4. I really enjoyed dropping in at CFI. It’s humbling and motivating to see a box full of great athletes killing it on a WOD like you guys did today. And burpee dodge ball was a blast! I will try not to make it quite as long before I drop in again.

  6. Did Annie Rx’d tonight with Mandy and Christina, time was 7:38 which is over a minute PR, I’ll take it! Did the first 50 double unders unbroken which is also a PR. Great job tonight ladies!

  7. 13 + 2 Rx’d

    PR’d by almost 4 rounds since late 2009, when I last did this workout. Justin and Daniel kept me moving, they were never very far behind.

  8. I did Annie with Katie and Christina. 6:49! Previous PR was 8:04. Had trouble linking my double unders in the first round, but the rest were nearly unbroken. Thanks guys for the push and motivation!

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