CFI White Water Rafting Event

It’s that time of the year to get our white water rafting on! Lindsey Izzo is organizing a CrossFit Impulse white water rafting trip. Details are as follows:


Sunday July 17th 11:30 AM CST/ 12:30 PM EST (the rafting site is on Eastern time, and hour ahead of us)

Why Sunday and not Saturday? Because Saturday the companies have a cap on how many people they can bring to the river. The river is overcrowded on Saturdays.


Cherokee Rafting – We will be rafting the middle river which is a two hour long journey (see figure below).


$32 per person

You can pay using paypal: *Mark the payment as a GIFT

RSVP by:

July 1st by 12:00 p.m. (payment and reservation must be done by this day so Lindsay can get everything to the company.)

All family members are more than welcome to sign up. If you are RSVPing yourself and someone else, please state how many you are bringing so I can group people into boats.



Meet at CFI no later than 8:30 AM on July 17th to carpool.

Camping Suggestions per website: Some of you may be interested in camping. Here are some suggestions:

Cherokee National Forest Chilhowee, Parksville Lake, Thunder Rock, Quinn Springs 423.338.5201

Gee Creek  Delano, TN  423.338.5201

Chattanooga North KOA I-75 @ Exit 20, Cleveland, TN

800.562.9039  for Information call 423.472.8928 Email:

Persimmon Creek Campground

Located 12 miles west of Murphy and 7 miles east of the Tennessee line on Hwy. 64


Please visit the rafting website to find out what to wear.



6 thoughts on “CFI White Water Rafting Event

  1. Hey everyone. There is a CFI White water rafting group on Facebook. You can talk about who is camping, when meeting etc on there. Please let me know if you have any questions about the trip.

  2. Hey guys! I havent had internet at home for about a week and thus cannot access anything FB related. I am really interested in doing this and would also be interested in camping the night before! Especially considering how much fun it was at Tough Mudder Georgia. So you can count me in on both!

    When I finally get this internet thing worked out I’ll participate using FB

  3. Hey everyone, Cherokee rafting is giving us until July 7th to submit payment for the rafting trip. Please let me know if you are going by the 7th- so far Alex V, Mandy D., Justin Stay and g/f, and Alex/me are in.

  4. Had a blast! Can’t wait til next time! We should make a weekend trip of it, with camping, hiking/biking, lazy river float, and of course both sections of the Ocoee.

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