12 thoughts on “Thursday 30 June

  1. Did all of you morning CrossFitters know I was teaching today and decide to stay home? Greg B., Thad, and Ken decided not to let that scare them off! 🙂 It was good to have Thad back in the gym!

  2. Sorry David :D! Did 3×5 Deadlift on Tuesday. I just couldn’t do it again today, my back is still recouping.


  3. I won’t be able to make it, but I didn’t post from 6/22 so I’ll do that now: 225-275-295-315-325-335(x)-330(x) My previous 1RM was 315. It was a great day, David taught the class, and I worked on the supinated grip, which I think gave me the boost from Aprils 1X7.

  4. Today was disappointing. I hit “the wall” and just couldn’t make anything work. Completed rounds of 225-275(PR)-295(PR and my last 1RM), but everything after was trash with failed rounds of 315, 305, and then could only manage 2 reps of 275.

    I’ll be excited when the next 1×7 comes around.

  5. Some strong guys in the 515 class. Ryan, Eric, and Alex all hitting 400+. Good job! Worked out with Daniel tonight. PRed at 285# x 3. I think I’ll hit a 300# lift soon!

  6. 315, 365, 385,405 and for some reason I forgot to do a 5th round after I broke down the bars. I did try to tie my PR at 435, but failed. All in all felt better then the last 5×3 DL we did a week ago.

  7. 385-405-425-425-425

    Form started to degrade at 425, so I stuck there. Daniel and Christina gave me great feedback and helped me correct myself. It’s amazing how far reality can be from what you think is going on with your own body.

  8. 365-405-425-440-450

    If you ever want to be humbled, just workout with Eric. The guys a beast.

  9. 315-345-375-400-415(PR)

    15 lbs heavier then last weeks, looks like the guys in the late classes destroyed it, nice job.

  10. 145-155-165-170-165

    Back started rounding pretty badly on 170, so I bumped it back down. This felt a lot better than it did last week, so at least there’s some progress there.

    Then did Week 1 of Wendler 5/3/1 Deadlift. 6 reps at 85% 1RM (140#). I felt like I could have done more, but form was degrading, so I stopped. Thank you Daniel and Alex for keeping me in check.

    Worked on gymnastics homework through out the regular WOD and Wendler. 20 reps each of strict pull ups, strict ring pull ups, and assisted ring dips. Making good progress on this! On the first day of the gymnastics class, I was lucky to be able to link 3 strict pull ups or more than one ring pull up; now I can consistently link 3 pull ups and 2 ring pull ups throughout the 20 rep scheme. Tried out an unassisted ring dip before I left. I struggled through it, but I think it’s time to ditch the band!

    Went home and ran ~1 mile, with a ~100m sprint at the end.

    CrossFitting my face off!

  11. I did 3×5 DL and felt really good so i went for a 1RM as well. I got a 15# PR on both of them! I was so happy I let Zan talk me into Filty Fifty…that sucked.

    3RMPR: 215
    1RMPR: 250
    Filthy Fifty for the first time RX’d: 27:26

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