21 thoughts on “Wednesday 13 July

  1. We had a great time this morning at CFI! Everyone worked hard on this nasty little triplet that Emily programmed for us. It looked like a battle field when the buzzer sounded. I looked around and everyone was on the ground. Well, except for Sarah L. She was propped on a box. You all were great sports dealing with my distracting appearance!

  2. What a fun way to start the day! Everyone pushed through this one to the very end. Sarah L and Melissa F were on fire this morning!

    135#, 18″ box, 3xSU 6rds + 53 reps.

  3. WOW Emily that was an ass whoppin! Great lunch class:-) Thanks Christina for the push to the end! 7 rounds + 33 reps rx’d

    1. WOOHOO! Thats awesome girl! That WOD left me unable to walk for 4 days… haha! Good job!

  4. Didn’t look like much on paper. Felt like a lot in the end great work out. 11+1 as RX.

  5. Great wod emily…tough but fun…thanks for pushing me christina…gold 7 rounds + 9 with 3xSU…fun class at 4:00…one I rarely get to go to..and david you rocked it today…i tried to pace myself with you on box jumps as you were lapping me…haha

  6. Man, that was rough! Remind me to beat Emily in her sleep.

    9 rounds + 22 Gold. Dropped the weight to 125 on DL because I wanted to work on form.

    Then did Wendler Week 2 of deadlift. Probably shouldn’t have, because I was only able to get 4 reps at 90% 1RM. Guess I was worn out from the WOD.

    Then went swimming for ~30 minutes at Dublin Park. Fun, but tiring.

  7. 15+13 Rx’d. Good programming Emily. Was able to keep Dl’s and box jumps unbroken for the 20 minutes. The DU’s went well but I could not consistently get them unbroken(probably did 4 rounds unbroken throughout)

  8. Thanks everyone on the feedback from my first time programming for Impulse. The lung burning and beating in my sleep comments I’ll take as complements 🙂 I really wish I coulda tried it too, but got stuck in traffic for 2 1/2 hours in Decatur. I’ll see y’all tomorrow!!!

  9. 13 rds + 16 reps. If not for a huge cramp in my left calf at the end I could have finished the 14th round. Double unders clicked again for me today, did all but one round unbroken.

  10. 8+8 Rx’d

    Felt like I rested half the time because I just couldn’t link double unders this morning. Very frustrating for a skill that is supposedly one of my strengths…oh well, David’s dreds made up for it 🙂

  11. 6 rounds. Subbed air squats for box jumps. Spent most of my time on DU’s. Thanks Christina for pointing out I hold my breath during double unders, that could quite possibly be an issue for me to fix…

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