16 thoughts on “Wednesday 27 July

  1. Great work this morning! I’m still trying to rest my knees so I did 5 rds of 500m row with 2 mins rest in between each round. Time with rests: 19:40.

  2. Renee kicked butt at lunch class. Every time I got within 30 feet she’d be gone again. Time was 14:46 Rx’d. Cut 2:10 off my previous time from late January

  3. My 5:15 class worked their butts off, including Fei on her first 400m sprints with us and Tami running some all out 200m sprints. Stellar level of effort all the way around!

    1. Thanks for pushing me around the corners Jeff. One day I’ll be able to put on some big girl panties and do the workout Rx!!

  4. 15:23 Rx’d — Everyone did great today! Lunch class brought the pain as did the 4 PM! Great job to everyone who did this today — it was a hot one!

  5. Nothing gets your adreline pumping like having your car vandalized! 2:45/2:57/3:07–12:49

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