15 thoughts on “Tuesday 26 July

  1. Really disappointed this morning…was in the last 300m of my row and ended up with this worst cramp in my diaphragm. May have to revisit this soon! Thank you Christina for trying to keep me calm!!

  2. I hope you feel better Melissa! Loved the CFI freeze tag this morning. Gean thanks for coaching me to stay steady through the row, that was a huge help. 13:31 1k row, 50 45# thrusters, 30 blue band pull-ups.

  3. 9:23 Rx’d (PR by 35 seconds)
    I stayed and watched the 6:30 class. Man you guys blew this one out of the water!! Great job!!

  4. 6:49 Rx’d (PR by 1:26)

    Used a 1:45 pace boat on the rower and finished 1000m in 3:28 (PR+ 5 seconds). Used a vertical torso, knees forward technique on thrusters, which seemed to work well. Did butterfly kip pullups in two sets of 22 and 8. I got to 15 and thought “You should probably stop and break these up.” But then I replied “But you can still keep going, and you’re almost done.” I did end up having to break at 22, but holding on for that last set of 8 instead of going 4 and 4 was a mental challenge.

  5. 7:57 Rx, PR by 1:27. Thrusters after rowing is awful. Great job everyone.

  6. 13:22 Rx’d.

    First time rowing 1k; wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Let my head get in the way of myself on the thrusters and rested too much. Pullups weren’t too bad, but that’s probably because I spent more time complaining to myself about thrusters than actually doing them.

  7. 11:42 subbed 1.2 mile run for the row since it was a nice day up here and awfully hot in the garage.

    thrusters were slow and steady, I was really gassed from the run and broke the pullups into 20-5-5. This was my first WOD back in a little over a week and I can feel it!

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