Thursday 18 August

Luke running 5kFor time:

50 Double-unders
10 Ground to Overhead (m:135, f:95)
40 Double-unders
8 Ground to Overhead
30 Double-unders
6 Ground to Overhead
20 Double-unders
4 Ground to Overhead
10 Double-unders
2 Ground to Overhead

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CrossFit: Where Navy SEALs and Pregnant Soccer Moms Help Each Other Get Ripped – Fast Company by Gregory Ferenstein


11 thoughts on “Thursday 18 August

  1. Probably one of the things I love most about CrossFit…is that you can be up one day and totally humbled the next day. I will get these damn DU’s if it kills me!! Thanks Bacon and Christina for sticking with me through all my frustration.

    Silver reps with DU’S and 85# GTO- 32:11

    1. We all have those things that break us to the core. The difference is that CrossFitters work on their weaknesses!

  2. Silver (2x single unders) 10:01. Apparently my legs are still wiped from the 5k because those single unders were painful, I couldn’t string together more than 5.

  3. Subbed HSPUs for GTO to allow my hip flexor to heal and to keep in line with my deload week. 3:54

  4. 11:46 @ 85#.

    Couldn’t link more than a few double unders in the first round… frustrating! Thank you Katie for letting me borrow your shoes! Du’s would not have been fun barefoot.

    1. Nope, barefoot DUs are not fun. But you do get instant and powerful feedback on your technique šŸ™‚

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