24 thoughts on “Friday 2 September

  1. Great 05:30 class!

    First time trying power cleans. My mistake was grip… should have hooked my thumb to help avoid pulling with my arms/shoulders.

    6:53 @ Bronze Level

    1. You are doing awesome. I just have to figure out how to catch up to your level on pullups 🙂

  2. Awesome class this morning!!! Michelle and Sarah L. kicked ass!!! Great to see Hudson this morning :D.

    7:22 with 85# power cleans…started with 90# had to drop after the first 10.

    Have a great and safe Labor Day Weekend!

  3. At this moment it doesn’t matter to me that I almost got lapped by Sarah L on this wod. I did 3 reps of power clean at 95-105 and 2 reps at 110# 11:48 85# on the WOD. Great morning class and wonderful energy. Hightower you are THE man.

  4. Awesome morning class! Sarah L. and Hightower dominated this WOD and Michelle kicked major butt on the 3 reps of power cleans. Time was 6:16 at 80#’s.

  5. Great class this morning! It’s always great to start the day with 14 motivated athletes. I was really impressed with Alicia’s technique on power clean, especially to have never done them before. Saw some great power clean triples during strength work as well. Michelle set some big PRs!

    After class I programmed a strength/power WOD for myself.
    3 rounds
    10 chest to bar pullups with 18 lb kettlebell hanging from feet
    10 straight leg toes to bar, no kip
    25 hip extensions/glute ham raises

    Time was 14:17. Was down to mostly singles on pullups and TTB by the second round. Straight leg, pointed toe, no kip TTB are so ridiculously difficult. I transitioned from hip extensions to GHRs half way through the second round. I like the GHRs a lot. First time doing them. Very effective exercise.

  6. Only pulled off 12/9/7… was beat though. Made it from the box to the car, but from the car back to my office involved some wobbling :).

    1. Had a great time coaching you today Josh. Your form is coming along great. You’ll be a hell of a CF competitor in no time! Gotta work on that body positioning and keep drilling form 🙂

  7. 10:22 rx. Thanks for convincing me to do it rx Katie! 3RM power cleans 105 – 110 – 115 and then found my 1RM of 125. Thanks for fixing my form Jordan, it really helped!

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