Saturday 1 October

Bo performs one arm snatchPartner WOD

With a partner, perform 2 rounds of the following:
200m sandbag run (50-lbs/30-lbs)
Deadlift for reps (135/95)
200m sandbag run
Power clean for reps (135/95)
200m sandbag run
Front squat for reps (135/95)

While partner 1 (P1) runs 200m with a sandbag, Partner 2 (P2) will perform as many deadlifts as possible. When P1 completes the 200m run, P2 will run 200m with a sandbag while P1 performs as many reps of deadlift as possible. The athletes will continue to alternate like this until they have each completed three runs and the three lifts.  Then the sequence will be repeated.  If you don’t understand, don’t worry.  The trainer will make everything clear!  Your score will be your time minus your total reps in seconds.  For example, each rep counts as one second off your time.  If you and your partner complete 221 reps (221 seconds or 3:41) in 23:00, then your score will be 19:19.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 1 October

  1. Brittany and I did this one tonight after the 6:30 class as a gauge. I wasn’t sure how this one would go. We set out to complete three rounds using 75-lbs and 45-lbs for the sandbag run. We decided to cut it to two rounds after the first one. We completed 221 reps in 23:00. So, our score was 19:19. Have fun with this one!

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