19 thoughts on “Wednesday 5 October

  1. Ahhh, we are giving David a complex, was only 5 of us this morning! Silver- 2 pushups away from 5 rounds. Love the Sumo DL (105 lbs)! Great job this morning everyone!

    1. He doesn’t know it, but I leak it out when he is going to coach the next day 😉 j/k David!

  2. Last week my morning class had just 3 athletes, and it was 1×7 snatch! That’s one of the most fun WODs ever!

  3. Lunch class set the bar high today! Daniel was able to get his muscle-up much faster as he tweaked his form. Ryan T. was able to do the workout Rx’d and was able to link numerous muscle-ups together. Emily used the false grip for the first time today and kept running even when time got short! Looking forward to doing this one myself at 6:30 today! -Christina

  4. 4 rounds / had to row 500m instead of 400m run. Have a little muscle strain or something.

  5. 3rounds +run+11reps. Silver. 185# sumo

    Really really really really really sore from lunges a couple of days ago. Thanks Emily on the muscle up strategy, good motivator today you were.

  6. 5 Rounds Rx’d @ 175# Sumo (weighed in at the box)

    My goal was 4 rounds and to focus on mental toughness during the runs since they’re a weakness of mine. All dead-lifts were unbroken which is also a huge mental improvement for me. Pretty good day.

  7. 4 rounds + 325 meters at 120lbs. Did 400m runs, 6 pullups, and 3 dips each round. This was a good wod really liked the sumo deadlifts. My ass is going to be on fire tomorrow. Thank goodness for a rest day!

  8. 4 rounds (160-lbs Sumo deadlift)

    Muscle-ups have become a weakness for me. I can do about 3 and then I tank. I think it’s mostly mental. Something I need to work on. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to do them.

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